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Omni Slots Casino Bonus

The Omni Slots Casino bonus is definitely one of the fairest in the business. There is a 100% up to €300 bonus on your first deposit, as well as 50 free spins on Starburst. The second deposit is followed by another 50% up to €200 and 20 free spins on Jumbo Poker. In both cases, a bonus code must be used in the chat for the free spins.

The first time you make a deposit, the bonus code to be used in the live chat is: 50FREE
For the second deposit, the code WELCOME2 is
A very fair offer because you only have to convert the bonus 35 times. That’s really ok, but you should note that you can only play 5€ per round during the bonus turnover period, otherwise the turnover will not count. Winnings from free spins must also be wagered 35 times.

Other bonus offers from Omni Slots

There are not many Omni Slots, but there are a lot of special offers for the customers, which should not be missed. Most of them are slot machines so you can get free spins and the like. It’s also a good idea to subscribe to the newsletter because it’s mainly spontaneous promotions that are announced. We liked it that once a week there is a slot machine in the center and this gets then also graduations

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  1. First time I played in this casino. Very impressive casino, with lay out graphic casino very cool and smooth, I think it was nice casino. I played here, have much fun and great time, on 31th January 2016 my account was verified and updates, so I made withdraw in the same time, I wait until now 6th February still pending. This is not short time for waiting , 6 days waiting my god this is enough a quarter time traveled around the world :)), but it’s funny every chat with support they all gave different explanations about my withdrawal. /2 days ago I they said my withdrawal will process in 24 hour.

    Ok I’ll wait, still nothing. Last day yesterday I chatted again, they said it will process in 24 hours or shortly. /Till now nothing, today I chatted again – still pending. /Gosh, bump, what a nice casino. Now from my point of view about I am very disappointed. The longest withdrawal wait.

  2. I decided to register here because I knew they give a no deposit bonus to new members (5 $ if you register). So I downloaded the software and started the singing up.The process was easy and fast, their casino home page is well designed and totally understandable.So after I registered I get the 5 dollar free, then I read if I make a deposit from minimum 5 dollar I able to get another 35 dollar for free with low wagering requirements. I decided to deposit before I play with the bonus money because I didn’t want to wager twice.After I deposited my bonus credit was on my balance within a hour. /I started to play my favorites like incredible hulk, iron man 1, dolphin reels. /I won some money from the hulk but I didn’t reached the 100 dollar after I played two hour I only had 60 dollar with wagering requirements. I raised the limits and went to the incredible hulk back.This time I had more luck because I get the smashing bonus and the free spins too with some nice wilds.So I reached the 140 dollar balance but I saw I need to wager too. After that I went to Gladiator because lot of my friend told me they won from that machine so I gave a shot to that.

    I played 2 coins per line and started to play. I never tried this slot before and honestly I didn’t checked the pay table. After some spins I hit some big and the free games too so I was amazed really.I won 200 dollar from it so I was shocked. I decided I turn off my computer and continues to play tomorrow. Next day I tried some marvel jackpot games but they eat my money without any normally win.

    I didn’t withdraw from them yet but I had 100 dollar on my account and maybe I will withdraw it but I like to play here. /If you want to try a good casino you can visit them. /Thank you!

  3. My previous review (see below this post) on Omni Casino was my first one here at AskGamblers. Unfortunately for me, it was just short of the required 300 words, but that’s okay with me, no big deal. Nonetheless, I have other good experiences at Omni Casino that I would like to share out with all of you here. Please read on.BIRTHDAY BONUS. How many of you actually received birthday bonuses when the day came? I got quite a number, from various casinos that I have active accounts, not only Playtech’s but also from GamesOnSoft (previously known as CTXM), RealTimeGaming, Rival and even from Top Game casinos.

    None from Microgaming though as I have not been active there since the last few years. Anyway, those birthday bonuses certainly kept me busy playing from one casino to the next, and the next, but in each and every case, the bonuses were of the $5 and $10 kind, not really a lot. Only 2 bonuses were a bit more at $15 each and 1 at $20. As for Omni Casino, I did not get any birthday bonus offer when the morning came, which surprised me in a way. Perhaps they were all too busy, I thought.

    So I sent an email to the Players Development Manager (Adanna), with a copy to Support, citing that it was my birthday that day and that my number 1 favorite casino has yet to give me something. Cheeky! Hehehe. Soon after, a reply came in from Support, wishing me happy birthday and informing me that the Manager Adanna would be coming in later on in the day (12 hours difference time zone). Okaaay, so far so good. So I eagerly awaited to see what the Manager would say or do.

    Come night time, I finally got a reply from Adanna, personally wanting to wish me a happy birthday, and to present a birthday gift especially for me. Ahh…great!…as I read her email. Then she went on, u0022my special birthday gift to you is a lovely $200 bonus, already credited into your account and has no wagering requirement!u0022 WOOOWEEEE!!! That was, and still is, my BEST EVER birthday bonus ever received from any casino! So, what did I do with it? I immediately withdrew it that night and got it into my ewallet account the very next night! To me, it was a sentimental special gift to be had and appreciated, not to be wasted away playing at the casino. It got back there eventually nonetheless! Hahahaha. But it was a day never to be forgotten for the rest of my life!Oh! Just in case if there are any of you eagerly wanting to write in to Omni Casino, expecting a similar wonderful birthday bonus, please, please, be reminded that a birthday bonus gift is entirely at the discretion of the Player’s Manager. So please be thankful for any amount that you might get. In my case, I might have been in one of those special cases, being just invited into Omni’s Platinum VIP Club membership less than a month back (membership is only by invitation), so perhaps deserving of a very generous gift. ;)In all my years of playing at Omni, there have only been 3 instances which necessitated written complaints to the casino – one, made by a newbie staff, for a silly mistake, the other 2 due to internal technical errors involving my missing deposits. All my complaints were speedily responded to and given attention, resolving the missing deposits within a short time, whilst that silly mistake case took a little longer (1 day) because the Manager had to be involved. She then apologized to me for the mistake, resolved the case, and I got paid the next day. The following day after that, when I logged into the casino, I found $400 in my account! Not daring to play with it because I had not made any deposit as yet, I immediately reported the matter to live chat support. I was then put on hold while the live host went to refer the matter to the Manager again. About 10 minutes later, the live host came back to chat and informed me that the Manager had credited a special gift of $400 into my account for that silly mistake incident, the same amount that was being disputed earlier on! How about that?! No other casino that I know of has ever been this kind or generous towards its customers – with the exception of Club Gold, my former number 1 favorite casino! To me personally, Omni’s customer and financial support is without rival, THE BEST! I have yet to come across a better one, or at par even! 🙂

  4. Here is good slots and won 4000 dollars yesterday. But the only problem is now the withdrawal time. I just talk to live chat and she says its still pending so 2 days tomorrow and that’s pending time, and the she told me 7 10 days withdrawal time on your card plus weekends so 17 in all maybe more that is insane in my mind this I have never heard about in all the casinos I have been in online I still cant believe its true.

  5. Omni casino is my favorite playtech casino, I like it even more than william hill group of casinos. I joined this casino in 2013, and I was happy to see, that after login there popup message that I can get 35$ bonus for deposit only 5$. Sounds great, 5$ is easy one for me, and no problem at all to deposit this amount. This bonus I lost without any chances to win anything on archer slot, even does not hit feature once at 0.5 bet.After this I go to live chat and was told that they sorry about my bad luck, and that they also had 100% welcome bonus with this nice offer. I was happy, and made 50$ deposit.

    I start playing different marvel games, but mostly of course fantastic 4 and hulk. Spins goes, wagering clearing, and somehow I managed after a couple of features had 300$ on my account. After this I go to archer slot, but it is still was cold, and I get down to 250$ on my balance. I still had around 500$ in wagering requirements and I decide to finish it on gladiator. After clearing, I request withdrawal of 200$ and get paid within 36 hours, including verification time.

    This is much more faster then most other playtech casinos do, and I was happy that I found such casino for myself. This is of course not only one my withdrawal, I had about 4 – 5 such withdrawals, and everything is really nice with this casino. Also I am pleased to tell that I was placed two times on lucky place on their tournaments, and get 30-50 free cash just for nothing, just because I am lucky boy. To be honest it is really hard to get on good place in their tournament, but I am few times was in the end of prize pool which is also good thing.I rate omni casino with 9 stars, many bonuses, monthly tournaments, fast withdrawals, and good support.

  6. Latest Update:Since I posted my review here on Omni Casino way back in December 2013, so many things have happened and so many things have changed too, both for me and the casino. Hence I find it necessary to give the latest updates here, for the benefits of readers and intending new players.Most importantly, since late 2015, my ISP has been completely blocked from accessing Omni Casino, not even when using a VPN proxy. By now, almost all, except a very few, Playtech casinos have become inaccessible to me. I don’t really know if other players from my country would be affected too, but I guess this blockage must be a country wide affair. This has been the biggest upset for me in my entire gambling lifetime, because Omni Casino was my number 1 top favourite casino for so many years in a row, with no other Playtech casino coming even close to comparing with it, except for its sister casino Fly.

    Now, both casinos have become beyond my reach, and for me to lose my top 2 favourite casinos in one go like that, was a completely huge disaster! It changed practically almost everything for me. The biggest lost was in losing my profit-making plays on the games Mr Cashback and Dolphin Reef, which I could never duplicate or revive again. Why? It’s too long a story to tell here, and besides, I think most readers would have serious doubts as to its legitimateness. It may all seem so improbable and so unlikely, but not for me. Nonetheless, that is another story altogether which doesn’t really fit in here.After playing for over 15 years at various Playtech casinos, the fact remains that Omni and Fly Casinos have been the best ever 2 casinos for me, in every aspect of the casino and the games! My withdrawals would be paid within 1 day by Omni Casino and within 2 days by Fly casino.

    None other could ever match their speed or efficiency, until they were both finally put out of my reach for good, with no possibility of ever becoming accessible again. This is my most unbearable lost as yet, but I’m not a quitter, and I’ve been moving on ever since, but on a completely new path, which may never see the brightness of the old path. Life will never be the same again for me without Omni and Fly Casinos, but that’s how life goes. Nothing good lasts forever, and every beginning must have an end. Whatever changes there have been, life must go on!

  7. Omni casino is another playtech powered casino in which I signed up trough ask gamblers site. Initially it was because five no deposit bonus which should tell me more about this casino basically is it worth depositing money here. First thing I like to do when I am entering new casino is open live chat and ask some questions about bonuses and casino itself, that can tell you much about one casino costumer support. I started live chat at Omni casino and waited about ten minutes there was no answer. When chat operator finally appeared I asked him about five no deposit bonus but again no answer for a ten minutes.

    That is twenty minutes of my life wasted waiting for chat representative to answer two simple questions, I immediately thought this casino is not serious enough. To make things worse when operator finally had time to talk to me, he told me I am not eligible for that bonus, on my question why not he asked me where did I saw offer for bonus. I answered on AskGamblers site and he immediately credited my account with five euro. With play tech for me it was always all about marvel slots but this time I wanted to try some different slots. I choose Mr cashback slot machine I also like to play at playtech casinos.

    There was no success and I knew that five euro is too small amount for play on slots. Although I did not win anything I liked most things about omni casino. In fact I liked all things except horrible live chat support, but never the less I will be visiting this casino soon with some more money than five euro. My grade goes for all except withdrawal and it is low because live support is bad 6/10.

  8. Today I will write about my experience in Omni casino. /First of all I don’t like much Playtech games neither had some luck on it, but hearing from some friend that this is great casino for bonuses and cashouts I wanted to try it. /So I saw this great offer they had, off course the 5 euro free nodeposit bonus and the second offer here deposit 5 euros will get you 35 euros to play with, so that’s not bad offer at all.So why not take advantage of the 5euros free bonus, so I did sign up and after I took the 5 euros free welcome bonus I decide to make a deposit of 5 euros to get those 35 euros. /The next day I start to play and choose to play Spiderman slot becaise in one other casino I had some really good luck on this slot. I was amazed with my play time at this playtech games, because previously I didn’t like them, but I have to say I am beginning to like them and think that I will become their depositor regularly. /My play time with Spiderman slot was just great, I managed to come to 198 euros on my account so I was able to play and raise my bet higher.I was playing for I while but lost almost 40 euros and then I changed the slot . /I was playing Mr.Cas Back Slot because I like this game like the looks of it and like their features. /But this slot was not lucky for me because I lost most of the money while I was playing this game. /At the end I played again on Spiderman but lost it all, but I have to say in the future I will be playing this Playtech slots like I previously said I am beginning to like this games a lot. /I didn’t had a chance to cashout from them so I cant rate them about that and about their customer support they are great. Well I wish you good luck in this casino and I think this is safe casino to play in.

  9. Omni Casino is a long-standing online gambling place, but recently moved to Playtech. This casino is well-known for its good overall management and this is the first reason why I decided to give it a try a few days ago.I heard of the existence of a non-deposit bonus at Omni Casino, and this is the second reason that aroused my curiosity. In fact, the casino is offering a $5 free non-deposit bonus with minimum wagering requirement of 60 times the bonus amount. This means you will have to wager at least $5 x 60 = $300 in order to be eligible for any withdrawal. I think this is huge and simply unattainable.

    After careful overall reflection, I decided to take advantage from the 100% Welcome Bonus at my risk and expense. This Welcome Bonus is subjected to wagering requirements of 25 times the bonus amount received.I overviewed what interested me the most in this casino i.e. slot machines, including the newly released one which is named Ghost Rider. It is a 20 payline video slot created by Playtech. As all Playtech-powered slots, the graphics and animations meet the highest quality standards.I haven’t cashed out yet from Omni Casino, but it is known to be a safe and reliable casino when it comes to banking processes.

    The only negative issue in this matter is the detestable Playtech withdrawal policy which restricts withdrawals to $10,000 monthly.Having dealt with the support team, I found their support service top-notch. Aside from offering a 24/7 quality service via a large variety of means including live chat, email and phone, the representatives are highly trained, fast, friendly and very helpful. My email inquiries were resolved in a few minutes and I always found them available and willing to help and provide the best service on their live chat.Omni Casino is a safe choice when it comes to playing online. This casino has built a tremendous reputation and developed some know-how over the years. I only can recommend it.

  10. One of few casinos which makes specialty of Playtech. While most of other casinos are primarily NetEnt and Microgaming casinos, Omni is the casino featuring classic games attracting all Playtech fans.

  11. After a Quiet time in my Gaming way, the Special 5Euro deposit bonus from this casino has get real offense Attention from my side. I was really lucky cause I had 5 euro left from a 25 Psc card, and made my Deposit of 5 euro with a 35 bonus on top. There was a wager of 35 x35 euro to qualifine. I really like the Playtech Marvel games and other Slots like my big u0022True Loveu0022 or The Mummy. Some really greatfull Slots which makes really fun with nice animations, free rounds and free spins.

    Unexpected feature Symbols and a lot more. The first game I tried was King Kong. I’m sometimes really Lucky in here and could get the free spin Kong Symbol’s on the third spin. Now I had 50 free spins on 0.2 coins and 20 lines. It really crashed my bankroll huge up to a 120 euro win.

    But then it happen again, I picked to spin 1 euro and after the second spin I was again in the 50 free spins. A Huge sum of 320 euro I did won in here. I was really happy cause it made me really huge fun. I decreased my Spin level to 40 cents again and left some free rounds and some little winnings I changed the slot. My next decision was true love where I had get five white birds which was a huge 150 euro win on 20 cents.

    Unbelievable grateful /. /My next decision to play was Golden Treasure the Playtech style of Book of Rah. I choose to play it on 1 euro again but I did had not get any free spins. I played 20 euro from my bankroll down which had made a lot of fun and I played a few different slots. No big win but had made much fun at all, no connection interruptions or anything else. /The live chat is really great and helpfully. And the verification goes so far away good /but the 2 days pending time on withdrawal is not such the best in here.

  12. Been playing here for years and I love it. The Loyalty Program is what really kept me here and the bonus structure and payouts are pretty solid. This casino looks and feels different from other Playtech casinos which I think we can all agree is a good thing. This casino has been around for what seems like forever so that’s usually a good thing. If you’re gonna go Playtech, go Omni.

    You won’t be disappointed.

  13. Omni Casino is great online casino which offer different games from Playtech software. I registered at their casino some time ago, and I claimed some good bonus some weeks ago.After I logged into my account, I asked live chat support for some kind of bonuses. They offered me if I deposit 5u20ac they will credit my account with 35u20ac bonus. I was very interesting in this promotion and I was ready to make deposit. But later when I tried to deposit, there was a problem.

    The minimum deposit for Skrill was set to 10u20ac, so I asked them if I deposit 10u20ac will I still received bonus. And after the answer was yes I deposited.I had on my balance 45u20ac and I played different games from Playtech, but mostly video slots from Marvel Jackpots. I had some good winnings at Hulk with 25 pay lines so I decided to raise my bet. After that I also received a few decent bonus games but later my balance falling down towards zero. I changing video slots too much and I ended at zero on my account.While I was playing here I had some nice time.

    After I lost my deposit and bonus, live chat support contacted me again and they offer me one more good bonus. 100% match deposit. Well I did not took it just because I had no money on Skrill. Otherwise I think i would claim it.I think this is really great place and I trust them. I will rate it with 10 stars, it is one of my favorite Playtech casino.

    I liked that casino support team offer me really good bonuses and I miss that at some other non – Playtech software casinos. I will play here again in future, for sure. I like it.

  14. I registered at omni casino with AskGamblers (like 90% times :P). I received 5 euro no deposit, and start playing my favorite gladiator. I played on it about 2 hours (FROM 5 EURO NODEP!) with bet 0.25, hit few times free spins, also hit helms bonuses, but finally I lost. After it omni casino via live chat made me offer – deposit 5euro, and play with 35 euro. Sounds very good, and of course I agree.

    After it I start playing with my 35 euros, so I can choose any game I want. I decide that its time to play fantastic four. I start playing, with 0.50 bet, and when my balance was 1.35 euro I hit free games (3 planets), in free games I can hit fire tourch feature, and on it earn 135 euro, after it on invisible woman feature received about 50 euro more (thanks multipliers).

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