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Phoenician Casino is a friendly gaming platform for customers speaking English, German, Italian, Spanish, French.

Keep in mind, they do not accept players from Angola, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Benin, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Christmas Island, Cocos [Keeling] Islands, Comoros, Congo – Brazzaville, Congo – Brazzaville, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Micronesia, France, Guinea, Hong Kong, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, Malawi, Mauritania, Maldives, Mayotte, Myanmar [Burma], Nauru, Niger, Niue, Norfolk Island, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Spain, South Africa, Syria, Tajikistan, Uganda, United States, Western Sahara, Dominica, Kuala Lumpur, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Palau, Pitcairn Islands, North Korea, Afghanistan, Belarus, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Côte d’Ivoire, Dominican Republic, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Italy, Kiribati, Lithuania, Mauritius, Nigeria, Northern Mariana Islands, Peru, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, Somalia, U.S. Virgin Islands, Zimbabwe!

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  1. Phoenician casino is powered by microgaming, and this also a part of casino rewards, and this is very good. They offer me 100% bonus on my first deposit, and there are no doubts in my mind, because I trust this group and never have any problem with them.I made first deposit of 45$ and this made my total balance to 90$. This is very nice balance to play my favorite thunderstruck II and I start playing it with 0.60$ balance, but there was some kind of stupidness, and I am very fast just lost 30$, and with 60$ left this slot like a nightmare. Next what I try to win was slot with jackpot, unfortunately I did not remember a name of it, and this is not surprise, I play it only once and never try it more because I did not like it. With 55$ I move to break da bank again slot to hit something big, but no luck for me and I left only 40$.

    This is very bad when you play, try different slots, but always go down and down, so I just think, and choose next slot to play is karate pig, I do not know why i choose it, but I have good feeling about it, and this was correct choice! In next 30 minutes I upped to 130$ playing only this slot, and after it I decide to try mad hatters, which also up me to 170$, but I still have 500$ to wager, and I decide go to dolphin coast, probably no best choice to clear wagering without big losses, but this was again correct choice, and this all ends with 220$ cashout. Cashout took like always around 50-55 hours, due to this stupid pending period.Thats all, thank you for reading my review about phoenician casino, now I will give them some marks: /Support: A /Bonuses: B /Withdrawals: B /Games selection: B

  2. Pheonician casino is a casino whose name I cannot pronounce. /But I have to say I’ll forget that fact, and focus on the fact that this is yet another THEMED casino, which I found to be very appealing, soothing look of the Mediterranean. /Before going any further, Pros and Cons Pros /-THEMED (Hells yeah!) /- Large player base /- 9/10 site ranking, #65 overall ranking /-Large amount of deposit methods /-A lot of Languages /-THEMED (yes, I know I mentioned it before) /-Microgaming software /Cons /-THEMED (yes, I am mentioning this again, as a con, because, not everyone likes the mediterranean) /-Microgaming (not everyone likes this group) /-Sleepy look to the site /-Huge amount of restricted countriesMy personal experience with this casino was great! /I have to say, after trying out so many casinos in the search for THE ONE, I find that Themes are so fun and attractive, but I have to say, it gets a bit dull to stare at brown the entire time. /Slots were fun to play, and as it’s Microgaming, It has some familiar slot selection that I like to choose from. /I was sticking to 0.2 and 0.3 bets, to make the process quicker and more fun. /Minimal bets are a safe bet, but also a safe bet. /When you up it by a cent or two, you move faster through the games, and it gives it a bit of anticipation. My experience wasn’t the greatest in the world. Not bad, and definitely could be better too! /The theme always helps, so it’s not just another u201e of those casinosu201c but then again, as I’ve mentioned not everyone likes the mediterranean, so it’s a relatively small fanbase of people who like the color brown.I did not manage to withdraw any money from this casino, so before you make large deposits, make sure you are positive you will get payed your winnings!7/10 grade. It’s themed, it’s fun, nice game selection, no problems and lags, I might come back , and you should give it a try! Cheers!

  3. Phoenician casino is taking games from the Mg software. And another casino from the casino rewards company. They have millions of casinos but all of them are just average and I think they should follow odds matrix or digi media they do not have that many casinos but almost all their casinos are simply amazing. I lost one deposit here and won from the 2nd one I made. But I had a hard time here and considering that the games are from Mg I think they do not have a good return to the players and definitely not 97% which they claim to have on AskGamblers.

    First time I deposited 40 here and lost it in 3 games only. TS II, break da bank and dark knight. The weird thing is that these are actually one of the best slot games. Sometimes it is just hard luck. And you cannot do anything about it.

    Then I made a deposit of 40 again and this time started with the lowest bets and was playing very safe and no crazy gambling shit. Started with the same games and luckily there was some features this time and no matter if no free spins or fancy features but it was better than losing all the money. I could only win the money in my 2nd time because of the table games. They have good return to the players and I think my 3rd time will be spent here only and no slot shall be played here again. And advice for new players that download their casino app and then play because their instant play feature is very slow and makes you crazy in waiting and long loadings.

    but nice support staff which all casinos from this company has. MG never disappoints me and I absolutely adore them. My experience was mixed here but not that bad too because I have been to worse ones.

  4. I was very Sceptical about this casino, I was decided to give him a try and I deposited there money which I had won in the past. I had downloaded the casino and first there was a server problem while the installation, so I had used only the flash version from this casino. This was a real delay, cause I had long loading times, and could not start the slots in that time which a download version need.So I had deposited a amount of 20 euro without any deposit bonuses cause I don’t liked the bonus wagering requirements, and I was little bit scared about it, but what else I started randomly to playing a Slotmachine like something with doctor love or something else but this was the most crappy thin I have ever played in the mcrgs. What else after 5 euros where gone I chooses to play the Blackjack table and roulette. The roulette had really pissed me off cause it had tricked me out really bad. /On the black jack table I had really more luck cause I like to play Blackjack hardly in my trick play.I pulled my bankroll up to 46 euro and went to the doctor love machine again in the hope to get my money back but nope this was not in the case anyway.

    I hate this slot until I played it this casino. The casino should be quite good but I hate this slot really..^^The support is really nice to their customers, and I had my verification of my account in one day. This was really good and it seems to be they had not really much work out there. For a mcrg was this a really fast time. After 5 day my money was arrived on my skrill account and I had really happy about the play in this casino.

  5. That will be not very nice review, and may be I am wrong, but its my personal opinion about this casino, soooo lets go on! Phoenician casino is part of Casino Rewards group with microgaming platform. I love microgaming platform, but I am still think and I am even sure that you can find much more better microgaming casino, then any casino from Casino Rewards. So, I should explain why I am hate them. First of all, I got TONS MILLIONS HUNDREDS SPAM EMAILS EVERY EVERY DAY! All typed that I am chosen one, I am lucky winner, I am got weekly super free win, and also its standart deposit bonus. God damn, whyy.

    Second, their policy about bonus terms is much away from fair. They used many ways to confiscate your money for idiotic reasons sometimes (I see complaints from players, who got banned for using autoplay) (!!!!WHAT WTF OMG!?). Thats not good to make your business right this. But if you will play very very careful, dont make big bets with bonuses, play only slots, I think this casino should be ok for you. But I repeating, much more microgaming casinos had better support and reviews.

    I am also had one cashout from their group, but I wait it 4 days. That sick too, if I win I want to got money in 24-48 hours max. So, I don’t really recommend this casino, you better find another, 32 red, redbet, nordicbet, etc etc etc. But if you want to give a shot to CR, you can do this. But if you had complaint after it, I told you guys, I told you…So I hate this group for spam and rogue terms, and for longs cashouts.

    But live chat and their help is ok, software also very nice. /Have a nice time of the day, play the best casinos only. Yours alexmou12!

  6. I decide to try their casino because I saw the use casino rewards affiliate. It is always my pleasure to play here because the most time when I play microgaming casino and won it was casino rewards. So I checked their bonus options and I saw they offer a not to catchy match bonus to my first deposit. I went to saw the terms and conditions from it, I can get 50% match bonus to my first deposit up to 50 euro so not too much. After I made second (25% up to 200 euro) or third (20% up to 950 euro) deposit I can get other match bonuses too.

    I didn’t want to miss it so I immediately downloaded the casino, then I register and went straight to the cashier to make a deposit. I deposited 60 euro via by neteller, after a few minutes I get my bonus to my balance. I had 90 euro to play with 30x play through requirements, it means I needed to turn over 5400 euro before I was able to make a withdrawal.I went to the slots and started to play with bars and stripes with 0.75 euro per spin. I always like to play with that slot on casino rewards because the most time I won from it. This time I didn’t had enough luck to get the bonus feature, so if I reached the 54 euro I went to the Alaskan fishing slot with 1.2 euro per bet.

    That was a lot better, I won 120 euro within 15 spins, after it I raised the bet to 1.9 euro. A few hours of playing I successfully wagered my balance and I cash out 240 euro from them. After the verification and the reversal period I get my money within 4 days, so the casino rewards brings my luck again. /Thank you!

  7. Phoenician casino one more brand which can be linked to casino rewards, and this means that everyone should be very careful with this group, and did not made two deposits in a row at casinos of this brand. Simply between two bonuses make small real money deposit and try your luck, if you win something like 20-30$ I suggest just withdraw, and it will be win-win case, because you will be able to claim another bonus, and also already make some profit from your real money deposit.Phoenician casino welcome bonus is poor. Really poor, 50% welcome bonus is surprising low I think and really did not deposit in this casino for a long time due to such poor welcome offer. But one day I had nice withdrawal from skill on net and decide to become highroller.Yeah, I made deposit 100$ to this casino and take 50. %FYI, 100$ is something like 33% of money, which most people in belarus earn in month.

    Not in big city, just at small towns and villages. Also 100$ it is more than one million on our money 😛 I am millionaire! 150$ balance, and I decide to start from dark knight at 1.2$ bet. I believe this is not high bet for highrollers, but with such bet chances to win jackpot 4x better than on my usual bet, and this was just trying to become rich. I lost half of my deposit on this game, and decide to play multi player slots, sometimes it is fun for me to see how other players do with gambling. There I lost my rest money, and this was of course bad experience and bad luck, I am trying never made such big deposits.Phoenician casino is good and safe, as any other casino rewards brand.

    Take care due to really strict terms with bonuses, and take note about 2 days pending period for withdrawals.

  8. Phoenician casino is one from many others microgaming casinos, also one from many casino rewards. I pretty like casino rewards group, they had a lot of casinos = lots of bonuses. So I decided to try casino a bit, with minimum deposit 20$ . With this deposit I can’t bet big, so I playing 0.5 per bet with some most popular mg slots like hitman, supe it up, dolphin coast , and few others. I had some cool hits at break da bank again, but I only play it 0.27per bet, so wins was about 30$, but anything its very big and cool.

    Last game that I play was thunderstruck 2, I lost on it 30$, but finish my wagering requirements. After about 3-4 hours I had 120$ on my balance, and also I fulfill wagering requirements for my bonus, so I just click bank, then cashout all balance. Why not? I had great playtime, and also won something. Not needed to play more, when you finish wager and you did not lost. So, I hit cashout, support ask my documents (id + utility bill + screenshot of my moneybookers account).

    I send it all, and in two day got email from security department that my account fully approved. In few hours I got fresh 120$ on my moneybookers account. So, here is my marks for them: /Software: I like mg, their games cool – 9/10 /Site: looks ok for me, 8/10 /Bonuses: 10/10 casino rewards always give players lots of great bonuses, thats why I love them!!! /Support: live support pretty cool, all that I ask was answered, no any problems. 9/10 /Cashout: took 2 days for approved docs and receive money, this is average time, so I think its good 8/10Total: 8/10 nice casino from casino rewards group, I don’t have any problems there, I like their bonuses, support, cashouts. Everything looks cool and fine!

  9. Phoenician casino is yet another casino that I have tried out that is solely powered by Microgaming software. Phoenician Casino is a proud member of Rewards Affiliates. So I loaded their website and of course the first thing that I saw was the triple bonus up to 1200$. The site looks absolutely the same like the previous members or Reward Affiliates I have seen, the only difference might be in the color. As usual it has only a downloadable software to offer but it was ok I was kind off used to that since the downloadable version does offer more games and smoother play, so I can’t complain much about that, although it is always nice to have instant and mobile play for those out there that love these methods.

    So after the download I made my sign up and made my deposit.This time I choose to play Avalon II, I started playing it with a minimum bet and after quite a long time of playing I managed to double my balance thanks to some good five of a kinds and good feature wins. So as usual when my balance raised I raised my bet as well and continued playing. After I while and a lot of ups and downs I didn’t move an inch I was still playing with the same amount and still hoping for a good feature so I could get a good win. But unfortunately I didn’t appear, well the features did appear but with minor wins. So as I saw that this wasn’t going anywhere I decided to switch games and play some Game of thrones, but even in this game I was unlucky since I managed to lose all the balance pretty quickly.

    Also at this casino I did try out their support, asked them couple of questions and good a reasonable quick and a kind response. Overall it was a great experience definitely a recommend from me and 7/10.

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