Vegas Country Casino Bonus Codes

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Vegas Country Casino is a friendly gaming platform for customers speaking English, German, Italian, Spanish, French.

Keep in mind, they do not accept players from Angola, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Benin, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Christmas Island, Cocos [Keeling] Islands, Comoros, Congo – Brazzaville, Congo – Brazzaville, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Micronesia, France, Guinea, Hong Kong, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, Malawi, Mauritania, Maldives, Mayotte, Myanmar [Burma], Nauru, Niger, Niue, Norfolk Island, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Spain, South Africa, Syria, Tajikistan, Uganda, United States, Western Sahara, Dominica, Kuala Lumpur, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Palau, Pitcairn Islands, North Korea!

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  1. Vegas Country Casino- I never heard of it but thought it was worth a shot. Plus, it has a grade of 7.4 on AskGamblers, which is not good, but not the worst either.The casino’s games are powered by Microgaming, which is my favourite, for various reasons that I do not think need to be explained, since everyone that has little experience with casinos know what i am talking about.The casino’s website is fine, nothing to complain about, but nothing to compliment either. I like the fact that the website is very helpful and you can not find info fast. The casino can be played only by downloading the casino’s software.The online version, is anyway, in my opinion not very helpful, since it is not very comfortable and I always find myself having issues when playing this way. There are 2 bonuses: one for the first deposit and one for the second one.

    The first deposit gives a maximum of 100 euros, while the second one gives 145 euros max. The wagering requirements are in both cases 30x, which is fine. However, the bonuses are quite small. Why would you choose a casino that gives only 100 euros for your first deposit, when there are so many other casinos that offer more? /I deposited 25 euros, the minimum i think. I got my 25 euros and started playing my usual slots when playing at a Microgaming casino: Isis, Avalon etc… /I lost all my money eventually.The conclusion is that this casino is not really the best online casino, you can find some other casinos better than this one.My ratings are as follows: /Software: 9/10 Microgaming /Bonuses 5/10 /Support:? /Cashouts: ?

  2. Vegas country casino is another one Microgaming powered casino from Casino Rewards group, and of course with such great number of casinos, many of them will be very similar to each other. Vegas country casino is very same like Vegas 7 casino, and they giving out the same welcome offer – 100 % bonus on first deposit, and 50 % bonus on second deposit. Of course as for bonus lover like me, such things only big + in this world, so with happy feelings I join Vegas country casino and make my first deposit of 100$ ( it’s big amount I know, but it is gives me 200$ to play with, and I believe with such deposit you can wait a lot of fun).I decide to start from Supe it up video slot at 1$ bets, yeah, usually I bet higher with such balance, but this time I decide to be a bit tighter and try to withdraw something. I like Supe it up slot , because in freespins it has amazing x 5 multiplier + 3 scatters gives you even 25 freespins. Of course with such good freegames you should know that base game is a bit boring, and rarely will pay nice.

    With 1$ bets I am down to 100$ without hitting feature, and then I start thinking, continue play this slot, or just left. I made bad decision – I start playing at 2$ in a hope that feature should come soon. Of course it is do not come, and I get busted. After it, in a bit of tilt, I made another 50$ deposit without a bonus and go to blackjack table, make 50$ bet and won, then made 100$ bet and won!! After it with 200$ balance I should withdraw. But I made two more bets at 100$ and both times dealer gets BJ.

    Painful, but nothing to do. **!$ happens.

  3. Hello. Again casino rewards. I deposit to Vegas country 60$ with their 100% welcome bonus. Register and download was simple and easy, no any problems. Bonus was credited automatically, and that what you should wait when playing Casino Rewards- no problems.

    I start with 1.20$ bets at Hellboy slot, I like it because in freespins it has sticky wilds, I get bonus game and can reach the end of it and shoot at crystal, total bonus pay me 150 x my bet, and with 215 or 220 on my balance I switch to another slot that I like- Silver fang. I like this slot because it has stacked wilds, and nice freespins round. I play it at 2$ bet, but soon my balance drop to 100$ and I decided to try jackpot Moolah, because I like African theme and also I like that i have a chance to win a big jackpot and became rich guy. Unfortunately jackpot do not want to come in this day, but I get freespins two times, and this I keep my balance on 100$ mark. After it I try Medusa slot, that was probably first time when I play this slot, and it do not make me richer, and with 70$ left I switch to dolphin coast with 0.5 bets, there I upped to 100$, and my wager was clear.

    But I still want to gamble, so I decided to play scratch cards, lol it was stupid, never play scratch cards, I do not know who win there 😀 I left only 50, and open European roulette table and made bet 25$ on red, and 25$ bet on odd. Of course I lost all in one spin and this was the end of my money. Actually, I am think I should never play table games because I am became idiot and start betting high because want to big win. So better play slots, it much more interesting and fun, for me at least.So, here are my marks for Vegas country casino: /Software: 9/10 /Support:9/10 /Cashout: did not made /Bonuses: 8/10 /Total: 8.5/10 this is my average mark for all casino rewards group, you can trust them and play there.

  4. This is a casino from the famous Casino Reward group and is surely demeaning its name to the fullest.If you go with the name and decide to play at this Casino thinking that you would probably have a feel of playing at a casino in Vegas, then I request you to please re consider. They do not satisfy the standard set by this group for their casinos.This poorly managed Casino is surely going to give you a below average playing experience. While going through the signing up and registration process, I was quite impressed with the time and effort it took, it was so easy and quick but later when I actually played at the Casino, I thought it was just a mere waste. They would not accept my documents no matter what and i have no idea why i guess my friend was right about the measure which this casinos adopts to scam us. The games froze a several times while playing which is highly irritating.

    I was so pissed while I waited for the game to respond again. I would consider this experience to be one of the saddest experiences of playing at online casino client.I pity the people who have wasted their time and money over this piece of crap. Games stopped when i was playing slots within 2 days they gave me such a bad experience which i never had in my whole life of playing with online casino rooms. The only thing I would say positive about this Casino is that their payment system is good. I have had troubles a several times with various other casinos when it comes to the payouts but here, whatever I had won was credited to my account in less than 72 hours.

    But i wish they had replied faster than they actually did and they should also give the bonuses into the accounts without a lot of questions asked specially when you have verified a user.

  5. Another casino that I tried playing was Vegas Country casino.It has the usual selection of microgaming games u2013 so its worth trying out if you like their games. They have a slightly smaller selection than the big MG type casinos, so you might actually ask u2013 whats the good of it.Well, they selection is still close to 500 games so there is plenty to choose from.You also get the chance to play for some pretty big jackpots.They give a $245 bonus deal for signing up u2013 these bonus wager requirements are average, but I did not go for them. They also offer you a deposit bonus if you add for the second time as well.I went in with a $20 deposit just aiming to go for blackjack games. I did take a quick look at the slots, and they have some interesting new games for those who want to play. There is Sterling Silver 3D as well as Mega Moolah.

    These games are worth playing if you like slots, but I had my target set. I put my money into the bonus blackjack games.I tried out their multihand bonus blackjack game.You can play more than one hand at a time in this game and this can help you have a better hold of what cards the dealer has.Unfortuantely I did not bankroll enough money to make anything of this and I eventually ended up losing much of my money before I could take advantage. This might have just been a bad run of luck but it certainly put me off playing or putting anymore money in. All in all I would say that the casino is pretty good, and it was probably my bad selection of games that took me anywhere. However I would rate the casino as average only at 7/10.

  6. Vegas Country Group is a casino that is powered solely by Microgaming and further more this is a casino that is a member of the Casino Rewards Group. I am a member of many CRG casinos and recently I decided to join this one. They offer 245$ free and that is split into your first two deposits that is on the first one you can get 100% up to 100$ and on your second 50% up to 145$. So without much hesitation I downloaded their software, made an account, made a deposit of 20$ and I took their bonus of 100% with 30x WR. So in total I had 40$ ready to start spinning those slots.I started playing with 0.25$ and very soon after I changed the bet to 0.50$ since early in the game I had a good hit of over 25$ when I triggered the free spin feature and choose the free spins with 3 wild reels.

    As I continued playing the game started becoming cold to me and all I did was lose money. But luckily I triggered another free spin feature that in the end granted only 20$. It was ok but I was eager for some higher wins. After another 40 minutes of playing my balance was at 65$ and that is when I started hitting five of a kinds mostly with the lip symbol that grant a good payout and I started hitting more frequently the scatter symbols that mostly granted me around x80 my bet size. But I wasn’t complaining since the profit started to accumulate really quickly to an amount of 167$.

    I kept playing but immediately when I saw that the slot became cold to me I called it a day and decided to continue tomorrow.Overall I had a great experience in this casino which has the most quickest and kindest support that I just love. They have a good game selection and everything went smoothly also they are trustworthy and safe and I simply recommend that you try them out. 8/10

  7. Vegas country casino it is another one Microgaming powered casino, and here you can expect high standards of online casino job, because this casino belong to Casino Rewards group, which generally can say you that it is good place to play.Apart from many other Casino Rewards brands, I played at Vegas country casino few times, and even have few payouts, but like always I will share with you most interesting session, which I remember good and can write about. My best payout from this casino was when I made 55$ deposit without any deposit bonus. I played roulette a bit with 5$, but lost it on third step (I bet 5$, win, bet 10$, win, bet 20$ and lost). I often try such things with low money like 5 or 10 dollars in order to achieve 5 wins in a row or so, and be able to request payout. With 50 dollars left I start playing slots, change couple, and one by one managed to double my starting balance.

    Then I tried dolphin coast with 1$ bets, a bit risky to play very high variance games with only 100$, but I was able to get couple of sweet features, nothing special, but since they come frequently, I was able to sit on 250$ balance. After this I played blackjack around 20 minutes, and have made 400$ balance without any trouble or risk to lose all. I decide that it is enough and I already win good money for myself, so I just request payout and get it like always after 48 hours pending period, which forced to all payouts in this group of casinos. But they always pay, and I never have troubles with getting my winnings.I like Vegas county casino, I am sure it is safe and good online casino, and I rate it with 8 stars. Just take note about their super agressive email marketing, and about strict Terms and Conditions.

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