Virtual Reality in Online Casinos

virtual reality in online casinos

New technologies are designed to make our lives as comfortable as possible and maybe even fun. So, we can find a lot of gadgets and other devices that help us plunge into the virtual world. But what is it? New features or mi? We understood the “Virtual Reality” phenomenon and found out how it affects the gambling industry.

VR in the Gambling Industry

The first VR accessories appeared on the Internet about 3 years ago. No one had doubts this technology will become popular and will achieve great success. After a few months, online casino operators decided to use this technology to change the gambling industry, since VR makes it possible to play online slots/table games/poker in almost real conditions.

Unfortunately, the first such attempts were not successful, because the gambling audience was not ready for such changes. Despite the negative indicators, the developers and operators of the game halls did not give up.

SlotsMillion isn’t the 1st gaming resource that used VR, but it is the first game resource that received a positive reaction from gamers. This gambling portal has become popular due to a wide range of game models that satisfy the needs of all gamers. Today, SlotsMillion still occupies a leading position and is ahead of competitors. Such success is due to the use of different technologies, including virtual reality.

Now, users come here to test the new features of slot machines. Gamers can enjoy the atmosphere of an offline casino using “OculusRift” glasses or a 3D monitor. The lobby of the game hall is created in the form of a hall with slot machines, where you will see many bright slots, tables and sofas. By the way, the casino operator said that the gaming hall is located on the 79th floor of a skyscraper. On SlotsMillion website you can test the best VR slots and win real money. Players can interact with the outside world using the controller and special buttons.

What providers develop VR content?

According to the Bitcoin Gambling resource, CASEXE was the first companies to accept change and decide to develop a new generation of games, especially, for Bitcoin casino. At first, representatives of CASEXE said that their company was ready to create a full-fledged casino with a virtual reality for operators. Of course, the studio needed new tools and specialists. A few months later, CASEXE launched a separate department that was responsible for software for VR/AR casinos and projects.

It’s no secret that Microgaming is the main provider in the gambling arena. The company takes care of its status, so such a giant had to adopt new rules. The provider has developed many applications for virtual and augmented reality that work with Google Glass. Not so long ago, the developer presented VR-roulette, which received many prestigious awards. At the moment, you can test it using “Leap Motion 3D Controller” or “Oculus Rift D Kit 2.” When the game loads, you will move to space, where you will meet a funny robot (dealer) and win real money.

NetEnt entered this race too. At one of the conferences, the head of NetEnt said that the company knows how to succeed in this area, as sound plays the most important role in VR games. Therefore, the company plans to use 3D sound in future slot machines, which has not been used before. At this point, the provider offers to test the “Jack’s 3D World” video slot based on the “Jack and the Beanstalk” story.

Unlike competitors, Lucky VR studio specializes only in virtual reality for gaming rooms. This company takes traditional casino games and transforms them into VR apps for “Oculus Rift”/”Samsung Gear”. Over the past 10 months, the company has tested various tools that helped develop an effective strategy.

Future of VR gambling

future of the vr gaming

The advantages of the new type of entertainment are obvious. First of all, gamers have new features. Now, we can fully immerse ourselves in the virtual world and enjoy our favorite real money slots. Ordinary and even “classic” video slots have received a new life. As a result, the number of gamers has increased and manufacturers have a basis for the developer of new entertainment. In an interview for Casino Life Magazine, Jeff Lande (father of Lucky VR company) said that VR gambling has excellent prospects. At the moment we are watching the competition between the leading providers in the field of virtual reality. Each of them received a positive response from the audience and they are not going to give up.

At the same time, we can single out one drawback of the new technology: virtual reality is used in the igaming field only as a marketing tool and users cannot determine its potential. In this regard, some experts believe that VR games will not help virtual gambling to rise to a new level.


In any case, virtual reality is a new phenomenon, especially in the gambling industry. Therefore, no one can tell how quickly it will develop and what surprises it has prepared. In addition, players are faced with one problem: VR accessories. To plunge into the virtual world, gamers and other Internet users need special equipment. Not all players can buy glasses for $600.

Manufacturers of slot machines paid attention to this nuance and made the games as simple as possible. So, you can enjoy virtual reality with simple 3D glasses.

At the moment, we can’t deny the potential that is hiding in VR games. We hope that the developers will release new games that will be available to all players.