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Platinum Play Casino is a friendly gaming platform for customers speaking English, German, Italian, Spanish, French.

Keep in mind, they do not accept players from United States, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, China, Cuba, Curaçao, Cyprus, Estonia, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Macau, Netherlands Antilles, Philippines, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, United Kingdom!

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  1. This is my personal review about Platinum Play Casino! /This casino attracted me because of the good promotions that they have! /I saw on AskGamblers that they have an acceptable welcome bonus of 100% and I decided to take advantage of this offer! So I created my account, I made a deposit of 20$ via Skrill, because 20$ is the minimum deposit amount, and I received another 20$ bonus! I have to say that it has only Microgaming games but is enough for me; I love the slot games from this provider!With 40$ in my account I started to play and to complete the wagering requirements! I knew that won’t be easy to complete them even if are 40 times and I had quality games to play! The Finer Reels of Life was the first game that I played, obviously on the minimum bet of 0.30$ because I am not playing on higher stakes! When my account balance reached 27$ I managed to catch the 3 stars symbols that gave me 10 free spins with 5x multiplier and a win of 24$!I want to say that it was a nice experience because I felt good, I played about 3 hours here and I managed to win something! The wild celebration feature didn’t appeared but I completed the wagering requirements and I requested a withdrawal of 64$, not much money but better than nothing!Now, I will try to rate this casino from my own experience and I will start with the games, quality games, a good payout rate and I will give a 9 for this! The welcome bonus wasn’t so good but I think that it deserves an 8 because of the amount, 100%! They have a lot of payment options, I was impressed even if I used only Skrill and I will give another 9! I can’t say anything about the support because I didn’t used it but overall it’s a good casino where you may spend your money and have fun! /

  2. Yes, 3 weeks is standard for them to pay out. I finally got my 3000euro winnings after 3 week. Same happens 2 friends of mine, the ask for verifying again and again and again, and than the say the cant make withdraw on credit card. The even called me and I finally thought the gonna pay me now, bot no, there is always something else. The play a kind off u0022Cat and Mouse gameu0022 Now I am waiting from 7Sultans for the pay out witch is the same platform and same chat….It is to bad the are continuing like that, the have such nice offers all the time.

    I am verified on at least 25 malta based casinos and never had any problems before. You waste so much time with e-mails, chat (witch is the slowest of all) the average answering time is 3min, and if you don’t answer in 1 min the cut you off! (I have copy’s off all chat to prove that.)

  3. I have found Platinum Play reasonably good for winnings….unfortunately silly me has too often played these winnings down to zero. BUT recently decided that after only a $30 deposit I decided to cut my losses at a $150 withdrawal. I made the withdrawal, my second in my 3 months with the casino, as they already had my documentation I was not contacted and checked my casino account 48 hrs later to see it was being processed…..all was going well so I thought. Four days later I found $82 of these winnings in my bank account, yay but strange since I had requested to receive the withdrawal via my Skrill moneybookers account. Just under a week later I contacted live support to find out where the rest was and was told it would filter through to my bank account by the end of the week…my question as to why it was not put into my moneybookers account was ignored.

    At the end of the week I rechecked my casino account to see if the payment had all been processed at the same time, as it was broken up into small amounts on the withdrawal page……..I was devastated to find that the remaining amount had actually been paid into an old credit card account that I no longer use, as I’m unable to close this account there were fees on it and it was overdrawn hence I lost my winnings to my old bank account :(I again contacted live support to try to understand why they had ignored my chosen withdrawal method of moneybookers and used instead an account I had not deposited with the casino with for over 2 months!?I still do not understand the mumbo jumbo I was told as it was along the lines of u201cwe can only use methods available online to us at the time of withdrawalu0022. Don’t know if it’s just me but I do not understand why when my main method of deposit since joining the casino was through moneybookers totaling 9 times, 7 deposits with my new creditcard account and only 5 deposits 2 months ago with the old credit card. So if they are trying to say the most used deposit method is the one used to process withdrawals then this still doesn’t add up, especially since they deposit I’d won through was processed through moneybookers.I’ve trailed through the terms and conditions of this casino but have yet to find anything that explains why they have processed my withdrawal in this fashion. /I guess moral of the story is make sure you always remove unused credit cards from your casino accounts, contact live support BEFORE your payment is processed to ensure your chosen method is used to prevent disappointment…….. Especially on money promised to kids for school holiday funday :(Bottom line is no apology from this casino, I’m made to feel like it’s somehow my fault……in my mind I think they stuffed up and are talking in riddles to avoid taking responsibility! /

  4. Hello my next review from Platinum Play casino: /A few weeks ago a get a letter via by post from them to invite me to invite me to their casino with a great match bonuses and some free spins on Thunderstruck 2 (they send a special cd too in a paper case what contains the casino installer so if you had a slower internet connection this is a good solution).So I decided to take a part of it and deposit 25 euro and claim the 30 free spins and the 100% match bonus with 29x wagering requirements.The register was simply and my bonus is credited automatically so I didn’t need to contact with the live chat so Is a good point to them. I played the free spins first to sum my balance. I didn’t get the free games at the Thunderstruck 2 while I’m play with the free spins and I only won 21 euro from it. So finally I had 71 euro to play with 29x wagering requirements.I went to the mad hatters and because I needed to wager my money lot of times I played 1,20 euro / spin. I played a couple of 10 minutes when I’m hit the three rabbit and worked my balance up to 210 euro.

    I was talked with the live support and she informed me I only have 170 euro wager left so I was excited. I went to the video pokers and choose the Jacks or better, one hand slot. /I played the same high bet (1 euro) but the miracle isn’t comes. I lost the half part of my money and I also had to wager about 90 euro so I was despite. After that I went back to my fav slot to the bars and stripes. They helped me out because my money went back to 200 and I wagered my money.This time I decided I didn’t make a withdrawal from smaller amounts I wanted to reach the 1000 euro.

    My goal isn’t reached and lost my money, but they fair with me and always send me a promotion. My opinion this is a good casino. /Thank you! /

  5. I’ve started to play at Platinum Play Casino a couple years ago for the very first time. They are owned by the Fortune Lounge Group. This is a large group that also owns other big online casinos. I believe they are located in South Africa, just like some Microgaming offices. So it’s not totally surprising that they have Microgaming as their software client. /u003E /u003EPlatinum Play offers a download casino with more than 500 games to choose from.

    So there is plenty of choice to play any game you like. Whether it’s table games, video poker or slots, there is a massive offering for anybody. They are also one of the very few casinos that offer 1500 credits to try out their casino, and winnings can be kept to try to manage their playthrough requirements. /u003E /u003ESo basically they offer free play with a chance to actually win something. I remember not coming further than winning more than 1500 credits after an hour of play which was awful. I still decided to make a deposit of a couple of hundred euros playing games like Break Da Bank Again, Thunderstruck II and several blackjack versions.

    /u003E /u003EUnfortunately I wasn’t real lucky with my first deposit. Nor did I take any bonuses at that time to expand my bankroll. I hated reading through terms and conditions back then and hardly ever choose to opt in for any bonuses. /u003E /u003EAfter losing a couple of deposits equaling around 1000 euros I finally won like 500 euros with a small deposit of only 50 euros. The cash out process was a bit of a pain in the ass though.

    It took like 5-6 days to get my money and I also had to scan in my documents. One thing I really hate is their lack of privacy, which goes for a lot of Fortune Lounge casinos. They just send out leaflets and casino promotions to your house, which is bloody awful and disrespectful. Customer service took care of that real quick though. /u003E /u003ESo I can only give them a 6/10 rating.

  6. Hello, Platinum Play is a part of Fortune Lounge group of Microgaming casinos, and I think this is a good and reputable group to play. I made deposit of 100$ and get 100% welcome bonus from them. I am think 100% welcome bonus this is an average amount of bonus, but few of casinos giving much more, and I wonder that all casinos will give more than 100. %But I am sure a lot of people hate bonuses and play without them, so this is a coin with two sides. So, with 200$ on my balance I start playing on Hellboy, as I type in previous review I like this slot, but sometimes it cold, and this happens this time, but I understand that it cold and leave with 150$ left.

    After it I decided to try Mad Hatters… [If you read my reviews, you can see that I play almost same slot every time, but I love this slot and do not want try many new as it enough for me this that I had]. So, I get 3 scatter and choose first hatter, and it pay me, it really pay!!! I won 400$ on 1.5 bet, that made my balance to 500$ which is fantastic, but I still have a lot of wager because made big deposit. After Mad Hatters I decided to try Break Da Bank again, as I had a lot of money on balance, and with 1.8$ bet I can not lost all, but if I had 5 saphires it will be fantastic win. But no luck, and with 300$ I switch back to Mad Hatters, and start grind it with 3$ bets, after hour or may be even two I clear wager but have only 100$ left, and this was bad for me, so I just continue play with 3$ bets and lost all.

    This is bad, but I should wait this when deposit 100$ and get 100$ bonus, too many to wager I think.So, here are my marks to Platinum Play casino: /Software: 9/10 /Bonuses: 7/10 /Support: do not speak with them /Cashouts: do not cashout /Total: 7/10 pretty average casino that you can trust, but there a lot of better casinos. /

  7. I have problems with refused pay-outs from platinum play. Do you have any advice and or contacts who can put pressure on these casinos?I have deposited u00a3680 and am waiting for a withdrawal of u00a3800. I have subsequently deposited an additional u00a33400 and now find that for some reason / irregularities my winnings have been confiscated. I have provided all the information that they requested, color copies etc. Their message is below.

    I find it very aggressive.Hi Julian,Thank you for contacting the Support Desk.I have had a look at your account for you and I regret to advise that due to the account being locked by our Security Company as result of an investigation regarding certain discrepancies, the Funds and withdrawals on your account have been forfeited.Unfortunately you have breached the terms and conditions of the casino and as result of the investigation done on your account it has been found that due to this transgression we will not be able to process any funds to you.I hope that this clarifies this matter for you. Please contact us again, should you have any further queries.I thank you for your time and patience in this regard.Kind regardsBen /

  8. I am a new member of this casino. I first deposited $50 and I chose to not receive the bonus. I had an issue with the withdrawal at first because they needed documents for validation. Geez, it’s not like I won a million bucks or something. After I sent all type documents needed, the transaction went smoothly.

    So I’m happy about that. The customer support agent who handles me was kind, polite, patient (well imagine how I handled her, I was frustrated) and she was really helpful. I will surely play again. In fact will play in a bit and poorly take advantage of the bonus.

  9. Don’t play at this group of casino because you will lose the money and the time!!!! It happened to me I made a submission and I won a nice amount and when I wanted to withdraw my account blocked and like me there are a lot on forums I read a lot of complaints these days at these casinos! Before to make a deposit at a casino forum read about them if you are really serious in paying customers and earnings! If you still want to risk losing your money and time you are free to do so!!

  10. Platinum Play casino is not part of Casino Rewards it is part of Fortune Lounge. There are a few casinos that are part of Fortune Lounge and the good thing with them is you can claim their promotions at all the casinos it does not matter if you have claimed at all of them so you don’t get messed about with the old saying Live Help love to give u201cOh sorry you have already claimed this promotion at one of our sister casinosu201d.I did not receive anything free prior to depositing here unfortunately; I haven’t seen any promotions where you get free money with no deposit required yet at any of the Fortune Lounge casinos. And by this I don’t mean the fee 60 minutes you get to play which is one of their promotions. I don’t normally take advantage of these promotions.I only ever make the minimum deposit when I first deposit at any casino. Even though I am very familiar with the Micro-gaming casinos I still only ever deposit u00a320 at a time.

    The more you deposit the more you obviously get as a deposit match which is great as a starting balance but the more you have the more you have to wager. I deposited u00a320 and received the standard 100% match which doubled my money so I had u00a340 to play with. On a u00a320 deposit you have to wager a total amount of u00a3600 before you can make a withdrawal and the free money is credited as bonus money straight away.It’s funny because I have my favorite slot games but I won’t always play my favorites at every casino. For this casino and it’s only this casino I play this game my favorite is u2018Bobs Bowling Adventure’. It pays out really well at Platinum Play.

    I only ever play at the minimum bet per line on any slot I play for this one it is 1p per line. The bonus game is excellent fair play. You get to choose from 3 different bowling lanes which all have a prize underneath. The most I have won from a bonus game on this slot is u00a330!! u00a330 for minimum bet is not bad now is it? I was well impressed with this. I have had my moments with this slot where the bonus has come in five or six times within the space of like half hour and sometimes it takes ages to come in but if you’re considering playing here u2018Bobs Bowling Adventure’ is a great slot to start off with.

  11. Platinum Play casino owners is fortune lounge group of casinos, and I can say that you can trust their name and their reputation, because generally I never have any serious problem with this group of casinos, all their casinos using Microgaming software, and all of them have nice bonuses on the board. I am also never see any serious complaints about this casino or any other from this group, so I think this is good place to play, just a bit outdated, but there is a lot of such casinos these days. Outdated I call them because they had only Microgaming games, and their withdrawal is not so fast, and also because such casinos does not show any improvements over good amount of time.I played at Platinum Play casino 3 times, first time it was with welcome bonus, which I lost on Thunderstruck II and Immortal Romance, has a good streak and at one point had 350$ on my balance, but then start betting high and of course finish with zero on my account. With second deposit I also get 100% bonus, and there is exactly same story, Immortal Romance and Thunderstruck II but now without chances to even win something. Third time I just made 20$ deposit to play their tournaments, because I have in mind that I will have some playtime with such low deposit, and also there is always chances to finish on prize place in this tournaments.

    I play 4 different tournaments each with 5$ buy-in, but all was really unlucky for me, and I was not able to test withdrawals at platinum play casino.As you can read in top of this review, this is safe and good casino to play, with Microgaming software, and with bunch of good bonuses for players. But a withdrawal for me is a bit slow, and I am not happy to wait withdrawal more than 24 hours from Microgaming casino. 7 stars. /

  12. I got something in the mail from platinumplay saying I get 20 free spins if I register with them, so I register now on this thing I got in the mail there is no expiry date, I tried getting my 20 free spins and they tell me the offer has expired … but yet no expiry date on the mail thing I got … I don’t know this casino did not impress me from the start, and the live support was slow took them like 20 min to answer me, and I mean to start the conversation.. I’m seeing good things about this casino but my experience makes me not want to play here at all ….

  13. I played Platinum Play casino in past, and I do not have any negative experience with this online casino.Platinum Play casino is old place with only Microgaming slots.Those type of Dino casinos which still have download software, very old, but generally already not interesting for me.Platinum Play casino customer support is great. They have Russian speaking live chat agents, and in past I was not very strong in English, so they was happy to help me in Russian language. This is very good, also their live chat is solid one, always work, and I never had any issues with this agents. Thumbs up it is only what I can say.Promotions and bonuses is rare at this casino. They do not offer me a lot of reload bonuses like some other Microgaming casinos do, and this strange.

    Of course probably it is because I do not make enough deposits in this casino, but still others sent me good offers even after my one deposit, while Platinum Play was not offered to me anything really interesting except 25%-50% bonuses. I am require at least 100% bonuses from such Microgaming casinos, or good bonus offers with good amount of freespins, but these bonus what they offer to me was really poor.I had one withdrawal from this casino, and it was paid after verification of my account, which took about 1 day, and two more day, so 3 days for first withdrawal. I think it is quite long, and casinos can and should pay winnings much more faster.Overall casino like most other MG casinos is decent, but bonus offers here is poor, low amount reload bonuses, nothing else. Withdrawals are also problem here. I think their competitors are a bit better, and this is why I am not played at this casino for a long time already.

  14. I was register in this casino before a couple of weeks, before 3 days I was decide to make a deposit of 5 eur just to see h0w games work. I get the 5 eur bonus so I play with 10 eur. Met the wager and request a payout. I get the money 48 h later without any documents verify they pay my very fast with no excuses and I am very satisfied with this casino. The live support is very quick and the answer you fast and help you on every question.

    The have nice games like tiger, lion pride, thunderstruck etc, this is my first casino with no delays with withdraws, so I recommend this casino.

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