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First Web Casino is a friendly gaming platform for customers speaking English, German, Italian, Spanish, French.

Keep in mind, they do not accept players from Israel, United States, Turkey, South Africa, Italy, Denmark, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Singapore, United Kingdom!

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  1. Its a casino having simple retro theme. It is licensed in jurisdiction of kahnawake. Its a micro gaming software casino with best technology. It has various games included in it. Various poker games, video games you can play it by choosing different slots and table games are also available in it.I deposited about 30 euros using skrill and starting my journey playing some of best slots from microgaming such as burst the bank, good girl bad girl it did work out well for me I lost the deposit in couple of hours.

    I had many couple of deposit in previous month but still no major win yet. It has cards and dice games as well such as baccarat, red dog, cyber stud poker, sic bo and craps. It offers 3 different categories of game… First one is single hand poker, multi hand power poker and level up poker. Its customer service is great as it provide the service 24/7 hr with best technology of live video chat service and quick mail reply system.

    One bonus is first web casino 50% as 3rd deposit bonus. Free spins bonus are the best among all as I like to play it a lot so when my spins are over I use it and play it well so that I win more and more money. With a very typical bonus option this casino room is still going strong and head to head with their competitors but I would have loved a better bonus because welcome bonus is the first thing that a new user looks for in a new casino and this is where they are lacking butt they compensate on it with the games because the games are up to mark and I personally loved the slots because usually I do not get lucky but with this casino I got lucky in the beginning and won 19$ in the very first half an hour playing with this casino. But unfortunately could not manage to meet the wagering requirements which is supposed to be hard because they are not gonna just distribute their money for no reason but as stated earlier this have been quite satisfactory till now. Thanks!

  2. My todays review is about a casino I visited once upon a time, very very long time ago. /I fell in love with this casino, because it’s themed, very retro, very fashionable, it just gave this breath of freshness to no-theme casinos that I’ve tried in the past. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the look of the page, but it suits me, I don’t know why, but I found it resting to look at, and doesn’t just feel like I’m there to waste money, because I’m enjoying myself as well!I had a bit of a trouble, I must mention it! /I was registered in this casino a few years back, when I was poking around online-gambling and this is , if I recall correctly, one of the first casinos I made a deposit with. /The trouble I had was nothing major of sorts, I just had a bit of trouble getting my old account back as you can only have 1 account per IP I believe, so it took a while before I could get my login details back and once again play in this casino.It’s Microgaming, and I’m a microgaming fan, so that’s always a good thing. I always found the selection of slots to play amazing. /My deposit was 20$, and I didn’t take long at all to waste that money. I was being a bit reckless to be honest, making my bets over 0.7 on games I’ve never played before. So, as you can imagine, the money was gone in little over 2 hours gameplay, with some notable scatter numbers and wins! Most memorable win was about 12 dollars, hahah, nothing too major, but winning is winning no matter how low the amount. /I didn’t withdraw anything from this site at this time, but I did withdraw from this site back when I used to play here, so, I don’t think you should have any issues here!

  3. The Microgaming platform is the best platform for me and most of the microgaming casino that listed to the askgambler casino site is I being played since of my early career. First Web Casino is one of the best hidden casino that are powered by microgaming software even when you visit the first web casino site you will notice that there site was not as majestic if we compared it to the another casino site website. u0022Don’t judge the book by it’s cover thats the best tagline that I can apply to this casino because they have exquisite games that are hidden inside of that website! My first impression when I visited this casino was snob it because I don’t like casino that are not professional as we look it, the casino must improved first their website, enhanced it to make it professional like the other top casino but that’s very unfair because I judge it physically.I noticed that they giving welcome package bonus for their new players so I grabbed it and deposit small amount of money minimum amount that is eligible for that bonus. Their advantage is that they don’t have many promotion or different kinds of bonus. After few minutes of playing I understand now what’s the difference between unfamiliar and familiar casino their gaming experience are both the same but the people appearance is the difference.

    They are the same in gaming experience I was like playing the other very nice casino! Okay, how about their withdrawal yeah they are legitimately good ! It only takes almost 15 hours maximum when I take my money depending on your situation. This casino is very good at all they offered nice cash back a compliment for their players. I will rated this casino based from their fragmented service.Gaming experience is nice 9/10 /Security 8/10 /Platform 10/10 /Finance 8/10 /Terms and Condition 8/10 /Bonuses 6/10

  4. I saw them when I tried to found a microgaming casino where I wasn’t played yet and offers some welcome bonuses, after a little research I saw they offers a welcome bonus with 100 percentages up to 75 euro with 30 times wagering requirements. Sadly I realized they aren’t a casino rewards affiliated casino but they members of the jackpot factory group. That brand is trustable too and had some famous members like all slots casino. In the past when I played on Jackpot factory casinos I liked it because in a few times I was able to withdraw smaller amount from them. I went to their page (it seems more poorly like the cr web pages, they are really looks like they was on the first on the web :D) Finally I download the casino and installed it after the short registering process I went to the live support because I didn’t know is this an automatically bonus or not so first the safety, I asked him to add this bonus to me and asked some other questions about the promotion and the verification.

    After I knew everything important I went to the cashier and deposited 35 euro with neteller.I get the bonus instantly so I went to the slots and picked the bars and stripes, with 1 euro stakes. This time that machine wasn’t brings me enough luck so when I went down to 37 euro I decided to leave it and I went to the Flying circus with the same bet. Usually this slot is often gives the free spins but in this game play I didn’t get it and I went down to 10 euro. I went to the agent Jane blond and started to play with 0.9 euro because I was a little bit angry and I wanted to know the final result from my deposit, I lost my money so I didn’t deposited them ago. Maybe you have more luck with them. /Thank you!

  5. First web casino is from the micro gaming software and I really find their name weird. This one is owned by the company jackpot factory group and this one for me is just like a casino from the casino rewards. A lot of bonuses and promotions and advertising and all and sending emails all the time. I created an account on this casino a long time ago. Their site looks absolutely amazing and it is a very beautiful site and I give credits to them for this one.

    I deposited 30 and lost that in just no time at all. I got a little too excited and started acting weird and placing big bets without any need at all when I should not have. I always start with the TS II game. And in my 2nd deposit here I played with a calm mind and made no mistake like the last time I did. I placed minimal bets on TS II and got good features and winnings.

    After this I played the final reels of life. This slot is very entertaining. Here I was placing a little higher bets. I took out 1 withdrawal from this casino and it took a couple of days to get to me. That is the standard time most of the casinos take and I do not have a problem with that.

    I could not speak to their support staff actually I never really had to because I did not get any problems here so no need to talk to them but I am hoping that they are just as good as the casino is. Even if they are not it does not really matter to me. The return is good to players here and that is the most important thing.I think this casino is a 9 for me and since I lost one deposit I would take 1 from them and a very nice place for new players and low betting players like me.

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