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Casino Share is a friendly gaming platform for customers speaking English, German, Italian, Spanish, French.

Keep in mind, they do not accept players from Angola, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Benin, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Christmas Island, Cocos [Keeling] Islands, Comoros, Congo – Brazzaville, Congo – Brazzaville, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Micronesia, France, Guinea, Hong Kong, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, Malawi, Mauritania, Maldives, Mayotte, Myanmar [Burma], Nauru, Niger, Niue, Norfolk Island, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Sudan, South Africa, Syria, Tajikistan, Uganda, United States, Western Sahara, Dominica, Kuala Lumpur, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Palau, Pitcairn Islands, North Korea, Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Côte d’Ivoire, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Guam, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Italy, Kiribati, Lithuania, Nigeria, Northern Mariana Islands, Peru, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, Somalia, U.S. Virgin Islands, Zimbabwe!

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  1. I would like to share my experienced here at Casino Share powered by the Micro-Gaming Software. Back to 2012 that they are currently offering one hour free play without having to make a deposit first and they retained it even the year 2011 is finished. I tried to play their $2,011 to play with for one hour which is on a selected number of their games, I am so curious why they had a eligible selected games from that bonus? Why they don’t offer it as a normal no deposit bonus or there is a tricked when you play that selected games.I asked their representative via live chat about that no deposit offered and said u0022Sir, the maximum you can win from this offer, well the maximum you can cash out is $100 and a minimum deposit of u00a320 needs to be made before you can claim your winnings. Your balance needs to be more than u00a32,011 after the one hour and you must have placed at least 20 betsu0022 I have not taken the advantage of this offer personally but if you haven’t claimed one of these offers before it is definitely worth a go and it is a good challenge. You have to download their software to try out this free play 🙂 I don’t want to play that bonus because of it’s wagering requirements because it so bothering :(The reason that I deposited here is because I am very familiar with Micro gaming casinos so I had no hesitation of making a u00a320 deposit here.

    I received a deposit match of 100% so I had u00a340 in my bankroll to play with. This comes with a wagering requirement of thirty times the bonus. You have to play through u00a3600 before you can request a withdrawal the equation is 20 x 40 = $600. This is standard for most of the micro gaming casinos. Casino Share does offer an instant flash player version and this is what I chose to play on.

    Even though you can’t save your favorites on this version of play I have trouble installing Micro-gaming casinos, I have on my laptop so this is why I prefer their Flash versions that’s their advantage.There are advantage about their casino first is casino share is also part of the Casino Rewards Scheme; you can claim your bonus money through Casino Rewards if you have downloaded the software. I enjoyed my time playing at this casino but to be honest there is not much difference between this casino and other casinos in the Casino Rewards scheme.The result of deposit from the slot called Mermaid Millions is lucky because I hit a many high paying symbols from that slot and managed to wagered the requirements my remaining credits is $61 then I decided to cash out because at the end of wagering process I lost the 25% of the original credits like 100$.If you are good at no deposit bonuses and can handle I prefer the word u0022managedu0022 the credits I recommended to play their no deposit bonus because all you need is $20 in order to cashout, just try it :)I rated this casino 8/10 over all including their withdrawal processed that takes 2 days via by neteller.

  2. Casino share its microgaming powered casino, that also belong to casino rewards, you know, sometimes I think that all microgaming casinos belong to casino rewards, if so, it will be cool, except 32 red group. Casino share have it unique bonus for new deposit players, freeplay bonus, I made it, and get 120$ to play with, with only 20$ deposit. It is 500% bonus on deposit, and it is pretty high for microgaming casinos. Actually, it is pretty high for all casinos. So, with 120$ to play, I have all doors opened behind me, and I decide to start my spinning session with break da bank again this time.

    Actually, I think that it is a bad idea, because variance of this slot is mega high, unbelievable high, and it can kill you in few minutes. But I love this slot anyway, and sometimes I hit this 5 stupid diamonds and show you all how this is cool! So, I playing 0.90$ per bet, get few features, but nothing really exceptional, otherwise I did not lose too, and it not big deal. Leave with 115$, but I made about 500$ wagers, that’s about 15% of total that I should need to wager. After it I try new slot for me throne of Egypt, but it do not want to pay me anything nice, and I also do not like it, so just exit it and forgot. After it i try my game of life supe it up, honestly, probably 90% of my deposits in microgaming casinos I enter this game, I just like it.

    It almost kill me this time, and with 35$ left I try to hit something on break da bank again with 0.45$. But as I told, this slot can kill you within minutes, and it did it with me.So here is a marks: /Software: 9/10 for microgaming /Bonuses: 10/10 very nice welcome bonus which 500%! /Support: 8/10 usual casino rewards brands support /Cashouts: two days pending, then you got money. 7/10Total: 8.5/10 another cool casino from casino rewards, but with unique cool welcome bonus.

  3. As a UK player I used to have access to a huge range of quality Microgaming based casinos however Digimedia and Vegas Partner Lounge pulled out of the UK market in 2014 leaving just the 32red and Casino Rewards groups as my main choices of MG downloads. As all of these casinos have exactly the same software and games then you can really only judge and differentiate between them by the speed of their withdrawals, their promotions, and the quality of their customer support. I’m happy enough with the support at Casino Rewards, they always answer my live chat requests pretty much immediately and do their best to help however I do think that 32red’s workers have slightly better knowledge of their casino, the industry and their games.It’s usually worth signing up with the casinos in this group if only to take advantage of their welcome bonuses and Casino Share is no different in that respect. There’s a u0022Free Playu0022 no deposit bonus which is essentially just a very long winded way of scoring a u00a320 free chip with a 60x wager requirement plus a five stage deposit based bonus program each of which has a competitively small 30x wager attached. I actually haven’t been back to Casino Share since I finished playing my way through those welcome bonuses as I try to concentrate all of my play at one brand within a casino group to maximise my comp points and VIP program potentials.

  4. I decided to register here because they are a part of the casino rewards affiliate group, and the also gives a free play promotion. So want a take a part of it, I visited the casino main page and tried to get all the information from them promotions. They offers 2011 euro free play for 60 minutes and like the other cr casinos you can take up to 100 euro from the bonus, but you had some other options in their welcome bonuses, if you ends your free play before you can claim your bonus you had a second chances with the bonus wheel, but if you don’t want to take bonuses like that if you contact with the support you can ask them to gives the 20 euro bonus, but if you accept this you wasn’t able to get the free play promotion too so you can choose from three different support but the only thing what is are common at that bonuses is the wagering requirements, they had 30 times like the other casino rewards affiliated casino.So I registered to them then I claimed my free play promotion I played with it until I was able to take the max 100 euro. After it I went to the cashier and deposited the necessary 20 euro to claim my bonus.I get it within minutes so I had 120 euro with 3600 euro play through requirements before I was able to withdrawal. That wagering was huge but wasn’t impossible.

    I started to play with my old receipt, first I played with the bars and stripes on 1.5 euro per bet. Unfortunately my receipt sometimes wasn’t work, this time too. With less my half money I went to the Alaskan fishing but I lost everything, I think I was on the wrong place in wrong time. /Thank you!

  5. One thing you can be sure about when a casino is a part of the casino rewards group that the casino is absolutely safe to play with. I do not get it why do they send us so many emails why cannot they just sum it all up in a couple of mails if not just one. They send thousands and thousands of mails and everyday you get so much and my phone is like beeping all the time because of mail notifications. I would beg them to stop doing so as it disturbs peace of mind. I used casino shares free play promotion but just to assess this casino and to decide if I want to join them or not because these free plays are of no use at all trust me when i say this.

    They were established in 2005 and are still very famous name in this industry where every day hundreds of casinos are powered. They have a very nice support team and I think this casino has the best support team from casino rewards group. They helped me while the verification process and even in the beginning I asked them a funny/ stupid question that please tell me which games are nice and make good money and they were polite and laughed it off and cleverly said all of them and I loved their attitude. I would tell every one to try their card and table games because I loved them and had a really good time and specially black jack which was way too much fun. I am always at a loss of words when it comes to micro gaming because this is simple the best platform and player can ask for.

    I would rate them 9 out of 10 and I never rate 10 to any of casino rewards group because of their habit of sending trillions of mails.

  6. One thing that casino share has which no other casino has and I have never seen a welcome bonus like that in my life. They offer a magnificent 2011$ for one hour and you can play any game for one hour and take all the risks to meet the wagering requirements. I have never seen a free play promotion like this ever by any other casino room. They are a part of casino rewards group which is very reputed and very famous as well because they have a lot of casinos registered under them. You have to make a necessary payment in order to cash out the bonus if you manage to meet the wagering requirements which I could not.

    The games are very nice and they have a very wide variety of games and to be really honest the games are not as good as the promotion offer. After my first deposit I had got a match up bonus which was up to 100% and I earned some money after that and I must say that the cash out process of this casino room sucks sometimes I even started doubting their legitimacy because the payments were being delayed all the time and that was when I decided that I am not gonna continue with this casino room after this bankroll but luckily that deposit of mine went for quite a long and I won some serious money and this time I had already told the support team before processing my cash out and they took me in notice and did not delay my payment. And I received my money within a few days on my neteller. Honestly the games are good and the variance is also in players famous most of the time. But I hope they improve their transaction process.

  7. Well, today on my list of casinos I stumbled upon this casino: Casino Share. I never heard of it but thought it was worth a shot. Plus, it has a grade of 7.4 on, which is not good, but not the worst either.The casino’s games are powered by Microgaming, which is my favorite, for various reasons that I do not think need to be explained, since anyone that has little experience with casinos know what i am talking about.The casino’s website is not very nice, but is still fine. I really do not like the spam messages that appear on my screen when i enter the website. At least, one good thing is that you can find any info pretty fast on the website, because it is very nice and well structured.

    The casino can be played online or by downloading the software. Even if in the beginning the online version might sound like a better idea, trust me, the downloadable software offers many more games and can be played more smoothly.The casino has only two promotions, which gives each new player 2011 euros free and 60 minutes to play with this money. My question is: Is this promotion outdated (from 2011)? The first deposit bonus matches 100% your deposit up 100, with wagering requirements of 40x. Pretty high i would say…I decided to take advantage of the u201cfree moneyu201d. I created an account, downloaded the software and started playing.

    I played my favorite Microgaming slots and ended up, of course, with no money. The wheel of fortune, or however it is called did not solve much.The casino is fine- average slots, average to poor promotions. /My ratings are as follows: /Software: 9/10 Microgaming /Bonuses 7/10 /Support:? /Cashouts: ?

  8. Casino share belong to casino rewards brand, and since that I can tell you that this is really great casino and also safe, because all casino rewards brands are generally safe. Of course many of players will disagree with me, because their terms and conditions are really strange and at some points even rogue, and they send a lot of spam, but I have simple answers. Spam is not so scary, really, it does not do any harm. Month ago I had 14k of unread emails in my inbox, I make them all as read, now I get 2k again. And what? I am not crying, if I see that email not interesting, I am simply did not open it, it is does not do any damage.

    Hidden terms is bad, but they can be readen at terms and conditions, and like I already wrote, this is only player responsibility to read and understand terms and conditions, casino can’t make sure that everyone read them and really understand, I hope this clarify my position about casino rewards.I played at casino share two times, both times without bonuses, I did not take their freeplay offer, and just use casino to make deposits between bonuses, both my deposits in this casino was 30$, and with both this deposits I player table games. But both blackjack and roulette was not lucky for me, and I am simply lost two this deposits. But since this deposits was small, I am do not care about it.Casino share using shared support with all other casino rewards brand, and this is decent support. Also like I wrote this is decent and safe casino, if you follow terms and condition. Generally, you should follow terms at any casino, so what the problem? Play fair, and casino will play fair with you.

  9. A few days ago I was looking through askgamblers no deposit bonuses and saw that Casino Share was offering an hour of free playing with 2011$ and I always like that kind of promotions because they’re interesting, exciting. And the fact that Casino Share is based on Microgaming software marked this promotion intrigue me even more.I started with downloading their software, but I had some problems with installing it, I tried a few times and after that I contacted the live support, to ask, what should I do. Because when I signed up and tried instant play, I couldn’t get this bonus and the casino room for flash play looked very weird, I couldn’t find anything there. I was connected to Casino Rewards Group, from which Casino Share is a part of, described my problem and a very nice chat person provided me with download links, and trying to download software for the 3rd time worked. I didn’t have to wait to be connected with support not even a minute and it was very pleasing.However, I didn’t see the bonus anywhere, so I continued my conversation with the support.

    Finally I was given another flash play link which worked and I finally got the bonus! It took me about an hour! So I started to play video poker and multihand blackjack. I placed 3$ bets at Aces and Faces and it helped me to got the minimum 20 bets and not get under the start balance. Then I played blackjack, with 2$ bets on 3 hands, and after a few minutes of playing, I succeeded in making more than 20$ of the start balance, so I quit early and got a 26$ bonus from the time I played. But I have to say that all of the versions I tried- download, flash worked super slowly and lagged each time I clicked on something, so it disappointed me a bit. After the freeplay I had to make a 20$ deposit to get the bonus added to my account, but I didn’t do it.

    I just don’t like no deposit bonuses where you have to make a deposit to get the free play money. Besides, I barely managed to win those 26$ so I was pretty sure I wouldn’t manage the wagering requirements. So my experience with Casino Share ends there.Overall, I really liked the attitude and helpfulness of live support, I felt like they really care about my problems and that is important. And the fact that they have almost 500 games is pretty great as well. But the lagging and technical problems bothered me a lot.

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