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Nostalgia Casino – 2000 % bonus for new players

Nostalgia Casino joins the line of online casinos that only offer Microgaming Casino games. In addition, players have the opportunity, but not the obligation, to download the software to their desktop PC in order to fully enjoy Nostalgia Casino. Is it worthwhile to register at this casino or would it be better to refrain from doing so?

You can get up to 500 Euro as a bonus for the first five deposits.
At Nostalgia Casino, as a new casino player, you will also receive a small welcome gift, which you will certainly be able to live with. As a new casino player, you can receive a bonus of up to 500 Euros on your first five deposits, which doesn’t sound so bad after all. That doesn’t sound like much, but maybe the bonus conditions are so good that you can really benefit from this bonus at Nostalgia Casino. After all, the highest bonus offers are not always the best bonus offers.

Your first deposit at Nostalgia Casino will be really rewarded. If you only deposit one Euro, you will receive a bonus of 2,000 percent and a bonus of 20 Euro will be credited to your account. This offer for your first deposit is only valid if you only deposit one Euro into your casino account. But why should you miss it when you get 21 Euros credited to your account?
For your second deposit to the casino account at Nostalgia Casino, you will receive a bonus of 100 percent up to 80 Euros. So if you gradually deposit 50 Euros into your casino account on your second deposit, you will receive a bonus of 50 Euros and a total of 100 Euros will be credited to your casino account. So the maximum bonus for your second deposit you get at Nostalgia Casino is 80 Euros. In this case, you will receive a total of 160 Euros credited to your account.

For your third deposit, Nostalgia Casino offers a bonus of 50 percent up to 100 Euros. For example, if you deposit 100 Euros into your casino account on your third deposit, you will receive a bonus of 50 Euros and a total of 150 Euros. When you make your third deposit, you get the most out of depositing 200 Euros directly into your casino account. Then you’ll get a total of 300 Euros credited to your account and you’ll have plenty of credit available to make winnings.

For your fourth and fifth deposit, you can receive a bonus of 50 percent up to 150 Euros at Nostalgia Casino. If, for example, your fourth or fifth deposit pays 100 Euros into your casino account, you will receive a bonus of 50 Euros and a total of 150 Euros. The maximum bonus is available for the fourth and fifth deposit if you transfer 300 Euro each to the casino account. Then you would get 450 Euros credited to your casino account and of course, you would have even more money available to hunt for the winnings.

To be eligible for the Nostalgia Casino bonuses, you must claim your first bonus, your first deposit bonus, within seven days of opening your casino account. But that shouldn’t be a problem to deposit one Euro into your casino account within the first seven days after joining Nostalgia Casino. There are also certain wagering requirements that you must meet in order for Nostalgia Casino’s bonus winnings to be converted into real money. This means that you must wager the bonus 60 times on your first deposit to convert the winnings into real money.

They have deposited one Euro and received 20 Euro on the bonus and have been credited a total of 21 Euro, which they must wager 60 times. Accordingly, you must wager at least 1,260 Euros on your first bonus in order to meet the wagering requirements at this point. For the bonuses on your second, third, fourth and fifth deposit, you only need to wager 30 times to convert your winnings into real money. For example, if you deposited 50 Euros and received a bonus of 50 Euros, you will have to wager a total of 100 Euros 30 times and wager at least 3,000 Euros accordingly.

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  1. Nostalgia casino is a part of casino rewards, and I register there and know about them because on one forum I find promo with 2000% bonus for 1$ deposit. I downloaded software, made deposit 1$, but nothing. I go to live chat and ask what the problem, and I was told that I can not get this great offer because I already take money bonuses on casino rewards group. But I was offered 100% bonus on my deposit and of course I take this offer, and made deposit 30$ which give me 61$ to play with (do not forget about 1$). With 61$ balance I decide to start with 243 liners, and first in this list was thunderstruck II, I am very fast get first feature, but it pays absolutely crap because best I can manage is only 3 of a kind, so I continue play and then wildstorm which boost me to 100$ (3 reels of wilds, come on thor, when you will give me 4 reels or better 5 reel? just one time 5 reels with a bet something like 3$ and I will be more than happy).

    I left this slot and go to dark knight, it has jackpot, stacked wilds, freespins, few features, but it is usually sucks money, unfortunately. This time it suck my money too, so with with 75$ and without any decent win I switch to immortal romance, I play 0.90$ bets, get few nice win, but no blood wine. I continue, continue, continue. And finally I get it with 3 reels!! I play around a 50 minutes to get this, and it boost me to 210$ on my balance. My wagering was clear, 10$ I lost in roulette with bet on red (come zero..) and 200$ withdraw.

    Money comes after two days pending period.That’s all, thank you for reading my review about Nostalgia casino, now I will give them some marks: /Support: A /Bonuses: B /Withdrawals: B /Game selection: B

  2. Nostalgia casino belong to casino rewards group, which include to their family around 40 casinos, or how much I did not know exactly. All this casinos including nostalgia casino using microgaming software, and I played at few of their brands, where welcome bonuses is nice.Nostalgia casino has great offer, for just 1$ deposit they will add 20$, and I was able to play with 21$. Also nostalgia casino was first casino from this group for me, so after registering there they show me what does the spam really means, I am still getting emails from them stated that I win money, of course I did not win anything.With 21$ I just open immortal romance game and start spinning 0.30 per spin, I have zero worries about my gameplay, because 1$ is generally nothing, and such offer is just giving a chance to win some money without depositing a lot, and also it is great that this bonus have no max cashout. I played immortal romance, and first feature boost my balance to 70$, and after this I was able to start playing at 0.6$. I spent 1 hour and was able to request withdrawal of 150$, and then nightmare starts.

    They ask my documents and I send it right away, on next day I get email that quality of my docs is bad. Ok, I rescan all and just send again. After this on next day come email that they want notarized documents from me. From all my life only two casinos ask my notarized docs – nostalgia and winner. I just go to out notorious, and pay 10$ for doing this job.

    Luckily that was enough and I get my money. I am ok with this, because I understand that there is a lot of abusers with such offer, and I am not from reputable country in gambling world.I rate this casino with 7 stars. Two days pending period, poor promotions after great SUB.

  3. Hi so first please sorry for English oqa thanks so I think similar what AlexMou12 that deposit 1 and play whit 2+ is very good promotion but I have small problem whit this but I hope that this does not happen often 🙂 You are now chatting with Laura. Would you please enter your name next to the OK Button below and press OK. /Laura: Welcome to the Casino Rewards support chat. How are you doing today? /you: hi please sorry for my English oqa thanks so please I get this email u003Ca href=u0022 so i open account and get this email so i deposit one but until now don’t get 20 so please can you help me? Thanks /Laura: Do you wish to speak with a Danish operator? 🙂 /you: no I Czech /you: 🙂 /Laura: Thanks for your patience. I’ll be right with you. /you: ok no problem /Laura: I will explain to you how Nostalgia Casino works. 🙂 /Laura: Nostalgia has a fantastic new Bonus offer for you: /Laura: 1st dep u2013 Deposit $1, get $20 /Laura: 2nd Dep u2013 100% Match up to $80 /Laura: 3rd Dep u2013 50% Match up to $100 /Laura: 4th Dep u2013 50% Match up to $150 /Laura: 5th Dep u2013 50% Match up to $150 /you: yes thanks I get in email /you: /you: and i deposit 1 and don’t get 20 /Laura: Let me look into this for you! u263a /you: thank you very much /Laura: You’re very welcome. /Laura: I can see you have already received the bonus.

    🙂 /Laura: You can only request it once. :)\ /you: so please why I get this email I send screenshot /you: u003Ca href=u0022 /you: please copy and paste on yours browser /Laura: Because when you open up a new account you receive the e-mail. /you: no please i think before I open account I get this My Name – you have been selected as one of this week’s winners /you: really I can send mail when we gt yours email /Laura: I understand, but I can see you have already opened account at Nostalgia Casino. /you: ok so sorry and please when I was lucky in my 1euro and winnings for example 1000 so I don’t cashout for multi account????? /Laura: I’ll be right with you. /Laura: No, you are only allowed to have one account open /Laura: It is written in our Terms and Conditions. /Laura: It’s possible have only one account per person, family, household address, email address, credit card number, or shared computer environment such as a library, workplace, etc… /you: u00f6k so I think that is no good when casinorewars send me email that I choose between five players selected this week’s Our system shows that your name has been generated on the list below. 1. Valerio Delabonti 2. Alberta Toscani 3.

    Robert Johnston 4. My Name 5. Maria S. Darley /Laura: I’m sorry for the delay. I’ll be with you in just a moment. /you: why casinorewards don’t check that I have already account that we check to one minutes /Laura: Thanks for your patience.

    I’ll be right with you. /Laura: I’m sorry for the delay. I’ll be with you in just a moment. /Laura: I’ll be right with you. /you: okok laura no problem /you: why casinorewars no so when I lose my money in multi account so its ok no problem for casinorewards but when winnings so no cashout I think that this isn’t fair play or we means that yes its ok???? /Laura: Thanks for your patience. I’ll be right with you. /Laura: I’ll be right with you. /Laura: We sent that e-mail by mistake I am sorry. 🙁 /Laura: I understand your disappointment, but unfortunately you can ask the bonus only once. 🙂 /you: ok laure i get also mistake that i forgot on my account its only one euro no problem so have a nice day or night bye /Laura: You too, have a good day. 🙂

  4. Casino I will write about is Nostalgia casino, like I promised (after my Zodiac casino review) Nostalgia casino is a part of Casino Rewards group. Also powered by Microgaming casino software. As I wrote in my previous review I have an accounts in most of their casinos, so I have some experience with Casino Rewards group.As most of their clients and I signed up there because of their promotion Deposit 1 Get 20. This amazing 20 times or 2000% bonus is quite attractive especially if you’re new to online casinos. Also they have offered 100% bonus on your next deposit. /Anyway, I made my deposit of one and get my twenty dollars bonus, and started playing.First slot I tried was Lucky Witch a 15 line slot with a free spin bonus and a mystery bonus.

    I had no luck with this game at all and I was left with 10 bucks at my bankroll, so I changed the game. This time I tried another fifteen lines slot Riviera Riches also with free spins and bonus game. This game again gave me nothing (normally with ten bucks) I had exactly zero$ at my bankroll I erased this casino from my computer, and forgot about it. Few months later I was bored and I got an email from Casino Rewards for 100% bonus for Nostalgia casino. /I come back to the casino and I made deposit of 50. Things didn’t go badly for me, for a few hours I had in my bankroll more than 500$ so I played mostly 30 lines video slots with 1.20 – 1.50 per spin.

    I played for more than five hours and I had some ups and downs, when finally my luck was finished. I lost everything before to do wagering requirements. The casino is not bad, but I’ve never check the withdrawal section (the most important for us), so I can’t tell you did they pay fast or not. But everything they promised in their promotions is true. For now this is good enough for me. /If I have withdrawal experience with them I will share it with you.

  5. IHowever, today, on the 12th of April I am going to try Nostalgia Casino, because of their first deposit bonus. You can deposit only 1$ and get 20$, which means it’s a 2000% bonus. To be honest, I never heard of it and I see it has an average grade of 6.7, which is pretty low.The games are powered by Microgaming, so there are very well known games, pretty fun and cool though. The website is pretty bad. I have said this in the past: I think that the website is one of the most important things and the first impression.

    Here comes the question: Why can not they hire a professional to design their website?Anyway, I downloaded the software, created an account and deposited 1$ from my Skrill account. Afterwards I contacted the support team, which was very friendly and helpful, to ask about my deposit. In about 10 minutes I started playing with my 21$. /I played Avalon, Hitman, King of Cash, Isis and some other slots. Some of them really paid well, while the other really ate my money. In about an hour I finished all my money.It’s fun to play like this: you only deposit 1$, but still have the impression that you do not pay for nothing.My conclusion is that the casino is pretty nice and it deserves a shot.

    Plus, if you are into Microgames, then Nostalgic Casino is the place to play. I really do not understand why it has such a low grade.My ratings are as follows: /Software: 9/10Microgames /Bonuses 9/10 nice bonuses /Support: 9/10 very helpful /Cashouts: I would not know, but good luck to you, guys! /

  6. Nostalgia casino is Casino rewards group, and it gives amazing promo – deposit 1$ and receive 20$. So you can play with 21$. But, be aware, if you before received some free chips from CR group, or get promos like this, and does not made deposit, you can get banned if you receive 2 free chips in a row (even in various casinos).So, I received 21$ and goes to TS2 video slot. I like this slot a bit, but never hit there anything really big. This slot has a wildstorm feature, and 4 types of freespins, to move next feature of freespins you should play previous feature 3 times.

    I played with my 21$ with minimum bet (0.30). Actually I like play with low bet, because so I can play much longer 🙂 I didn’t came to second freespins feature, and play only first (15 freespins with x5 multiplier (or x3, sorry, I don’t remember)). Wildstorm came to times but does not give me big wins. Biggest hit on this slot I had in Nostalgia with this bonus – 4$. Not good, and I moved to lara croft slot.

    It was first time I play this slot, but on second spin I get free spins and win some money (12$). I decided not risk and left slot 😛 So, next I downloaded break da bank again, because I am believe that one time I will hit 5 rubins witn wild on free spins 🙂 This is my dream may be 😛 Unfortunately I doesn’t even got free spins, and lost all my balance there.So, Nostalgia casino is a part of Casino Rewards group, its well-know group, but they have a bit strange terms and conditions (max. bet is 25% of a given bonus), you should not use gamble option on slots, etc. Also cashouts from there a bit long. In all other this casino is very good to play.

    I recommend it because with single dollar deposit you can play with 21$ . /This review by alexmou12, hope you ok!

  7. I am not very nostalgic about this casino because I lost my money here. This one is also from the casino rewards company and some times their casinos do not reward us and that is sad. But I am very happy with this company because I had some amazing experiences here. They have the most unique welcome bonus I have ever seen. Make 1$ deposit and get 20 and it looks very promising but I did not like it so I chose not to claim this bonus.

    So I made a deposit of 40 here and played with my deposit only. Firstly their casino app takes ages to download and even stops because of error some times and then I had to start the downloading again. Then it some how got downloaded and then I created an account on this casino and got straight to the action. I started with the break da bank game and I always play this game on all mg powered casinos because this game is very promising. I started with the 0.80 per spin and a lot of empty spins but then soon started getting hits.

    Like $ and bar features and it is better than empty spins but it was too late because I was too much into losses. Then I moved to the TS II game because I needed the free spins to get back into the game but let alone free spins I did not even get small alphabetic features which are very common. By the time I was onto the table games my balance was like 5 or 6$ and I knew that this is the end and there is no point of trying hard so just bet 3 spins of 2$ each on roulette and ended it all. I did not like the return to the players on this casino. And slow loading too and I think they should work on this because other casinos from the same company are doing a miles better job than this one.

  8. Nostalgia Casino is a part of Casino Rewards group. In this group are almost 30 casinos. I tried one before I joined to Nostalgia Casino. At Virtual city casino I had luck and I managed to cash out my winnings. I didn’t have any problems with it so I trusted Nostalgia Casino and all of Casino Rewards group.I noticed that they offer 2000% bonus.

    To claim this bonus you have to deposit 1u20ac and you will receive 20u20ac free as bonus. In request to cash out you need to wager 30x bonus. I thought that this was great offer so I claimed it.I played it some time ago at this place, so I almost forgot about this place. Now when I refreshed my memory I can tell you only good thing about this casino and the casino rewards group.After I made deposit I played MegaSpin Break Da Bank Again game. I chose this game because every time I play it I receive a lot of free spins and I like it.

    Beside that at Virtual city casino I had luck on it and after I won big, I managed to cash out there. So I was hoping to get lucky here too. I played at minimum bet 0.36u20ac per spin. I got a few free spins, but all of them paid very poorly. I guess I didn’t have luck.

    At this casino I tried only this game. I didn’t need any assistance so I can’t tell you about live support. About withdrawals I believe that they are cool, I had a nice experience at other casino which is part of Casino rewards group and I trust this place.Maybe I will claim welcome bonus here. I played it a long time ago at this place, so I almost forgot about it. Otherwise I like it because they offer Microgaming software. /

  9. I have played on almost every micro gaming powered casinos I have known about and Casino Nostalgia is one of them. Casino rewards group is ruling now a days and I think every one will agree that they have one of the best casinos to give to us. The have the most interesting welcome bonus I have seen and they give 20$ for 1$ deposit so I got 20$ and I had just made a deposit of 1$ I think this is the most unique bonus offer you will ever see and that is why I decided to give it a try. The only problem with this group casinos is that almost all of the casinos look same and I think they must work on this because they are very famous and have a reputation in this industry. Just like all the other casinos from this group they are also supported by the micro gaming platform.

    The send a lot of emails and i do not like this because my phone shows a notification every time I receive an email and they send millions of them and I get really pissed off. You have to be really luck to turn 21$ to a big amount and I lost it within a couple of hours and I knew this would happen. Then I deposited 30$ again and got a match up bonus and started playing mega moolah and some features got hit and it made my balance over 80$. After playing this one for a couple of hours I managed to make my balance over 100$ and was very happy. They asked for my documents while withdrawal and sent my money within a couple of days to my neteller account.

    I would rate them 8.5 out of 10. And I request the group to do something about all the casinos looking the exact same.

  10. This Nostalgia Casino brings nostalgia back to me – back to those very early days when it was only Playtech and Microgaming casinos that I would play at. Yep, I had already come across this casino back in those days, but I don’t think I had signed up at the casino – there were quite a number of Microgaming casinos that wouldn’t accept players from my country back then. Nowadays, almost all of Microgaming casinos have become out of bounds for me, with only a very few left that still remains accessible.Anyway, this ‘deposit $1 and get $20 Bonus’ offer was simply irresistible to me right now, simply because my e-wallet was almost dry, but a $1 deposit wouldn’t break it either. Trying to get access to the casino’s website proved to be difficult, as I kept on getting a blank page, but I had already knew that access to the casino had been blocked since 2015. However, I got lucky and managed to get into their mobile version instead, don’t ask me how I did it, I don’t know myself, hehehe.

    So I took that opportunity to sign up, make a $1 deposit and claim that nice $20 bonus.A $1 cash balance showed in my account, but that $20 bonus money was nowhere to be seen, so I got the casino’s Live Chat host to get a clarification. She said I need to wait a few minutes for the bonus to be credited in, then she abruptly left the chat, without saying u0022have a good dayu0022 or u0022good lucku0022 or whatever. She left the chat just like that – damn blardy rude if you ask me! But then again, CasinoRewards Live Chat hosts are known to be such! Sheesh!Anyway, with $21 in my bonus balance I then played Break Da Bank Again. Why this game, when I hate it so much? What other game could I get a good extended playtime with just $21? Other games would simply eat it all within minutes! Well, I was wrong! Why? Because Break Da Bank Again broke me yet again, for the millionth time, within just a few minutes! I only played with $0.09 bets, yet most of the spins came empty, and whatever small wins that came paid no more than 15x my bet amount! That single Free Spins game that I finally got when I was almost out of funds, paid only a lousy 39x win. Well, there you go – this game is simply hopeless for me, no matter how many times I play it, or have played it!Anyway, I wasn’t expecting much out of this Nostalgia Casino, and I only wanted to have some fun.

    The next thing for me to do is to leave the casino on my display shelf, or to simply chuck it away into my deep freezer, where the eternal Winter Olympics is perpetually going on, so Nostalgia Casino can be a participant!

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