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Blackjack Ballroom Casino is a friendly gaming platform for customers speaking English, German, Italian, Spanish, French.

Keep in mind, they do not accept players from Afghanistan, Angola, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Benin, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Christmas Island, Comoros, Congo – Brazzaville, Congo – Kinshasa, Côte d’Ivoire, Dominica, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, France, Guam, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Kiribati, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Libya, Malawi, Maldives, Mauritania, Mayotte, Micronesia, Myanmar [Burma], Nauru, Niger, Nigeria, Niue, Norfolk Island, North Korea, Northern Mariana Islands, Pakistan, Palau, Pitcairn Islands, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Somalia, South Africa, Spain, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, U.S. Virgin Islands, Uganda, United States, Western Sahara, Zimbabwe!

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  1. /I decided to play here because they offer the free play promotion what I like really, also they are members of the Casino Rewards affiliate group so the totally trustable. The free play bonus is was the same like some other cr casinos, 500 euro with 60 minutes, and the max collectable bonus is 100 euro, they credits the player account when they make a minimum deposit from 20 euro, and the wagering requirements was the same 30 times.I installed them and after I logged in I started my free play session in a new internet explorer tab, unfortunately my IE is crashes a few time so I needed to install a newer version from it. After I successfully installed it I was able to play smoothly, first time I almost lost my bonus credits without winnings but I started over the promotion until I was able to take the max bonus. /When I finished my game play I went to the banking page and deposited 20 euro via by my Neteller account. I get my money immediately, then I started to browse the slots because I really wanted to try a new one not my usually slots. So I found the Gold Factory machine with 0.5 euro minimum bet.I had 120 euro so I played higher bets like 1-2 u20ac.

    I didn’t won on that slot so I went back to my favourites when I went down to 70 euro. I was choose the Alaskan Fishing on 1.2 euro stakes, /that was a little bit better but when I wagered my money I only had 20 euro but I didn’t want to cash out the same money what I deposited, so I went to the bars and stripes slot and began to play with half euro bets. I was close to the cash out but I lost my money, but I enjoyed it and didn’t sad even I can’t withdraw from them. /Thank you!

  2. I always enjoy free spins or free chip bonuses which are given as a welcome offer, then this kind of promo, but even this promo is not so bad I guess. My review will be on Microgaming casino, Blackjack Ballroom casino, which is a part of the Casino Rewards Group with nice promo for first time player and that would be 500$ free play in 1 hour. So what will be left from that 1 hour from the bonus money its yours to keep and I think the maximum you can benefit from this promo was 100$ bonus which after needs to be wagered and what I liked the most of the deposit after, was only 20$ not like other theirs casinos, which they asked for 40$ deposit made.When I got that email I said why not try this one, although I am not so lucky with this kind of promos, but still its an 1 hour free play, if I manage to keep anything great, if not nothing, it’s free and it wont cost me anything, right? So I downloaded the casino, because as a saw there was not instant player, only download version, so I downloaded the casino opened my account and was ready to take advantage of their offer.And what to play else if not Thunderstruck II, well actually this slot has never gave me anything solid, but still wanted to try my luck and the other slots they were offering like Tom Raider, well I like that slot also, but unlucky for me again. And yes I managed i was having 100$ left so I could use as a bonus money. I deposited right after and played those 120$.I was playing for a while but I didn’t managed to wager the bonus so I lost all the money after 1 hour and a half of playing.

    Well no matter I lost the money I had good time there. I like the casino and think they are safe to play there, but the only thing I don’t understand, why I keep getting emails from them with the same promo, as I am new player there, when I used that bonus once!

  3. Blackjack ballroom provides to us (gamblers) opportunity to play Microgaming games, and it is also a part of Casino Rewards group ( here I should write once again that it is very nice group, it is safe, but it is sent out a lot of spam. The reason why I write this in every review is simple, probably random gamblers does not read all reviews, and just open reviews for this casino, so I am trying to provide as much info in my every reviews, as I can, so do not blame for this, please 😀 ). Blackjack ballroom casino is pretty same same as casino Classic, and few other Casino Rewards brands. Same welcome offer- free play bonus, and no straight match bonus. This is really shame, I believe this is not hard to make just usual bonus for people like me, who did not like to play such free plays.

    /But Casino Rewards probably have another thoughts about this, so of course we can not change this and should just accept what we had. By the way, if someone did not understand what is it free play bonus, I try to describe, you get 500$ free money, for one hour, and for example you win from it 600$. So you stop playing, and you eligible for your 100$ winnings as a bonus chips, deposit 20$ play with 120$. But sometimes they change the rules, etc, so be careful. I did not have much knowledge about this, because I rare took them.My playing at Blackjack ballroom casino was fast like lightning, I made straight deposit of 40$ without any bonus, and go to roulette, where I lost all my 40$ in 5 minutes 😀 What a shame, after this I just uninstall this casino and forget about this 😀 /Blackjack ballroom casino is a very nice casino, you can trust it and you can play in it without any problems.

  4. I think that the Casino Rewards company has the most no. of casinos in this world because I see the listing and every 3rd casino is theirs and they have a very big player base and it is wide spread all around the world. I joined them a long time ago and I think this was actually my first casino from the Casino Rewards. They are taking the games from the Mg software and that means endless slot fun and amazing return on money. I was thinking about making a deposit but when I opened the site of this casino I found out that they have a free money bonus for new players and I jumped on this offer.

    And I was shocked to see a 500$ free bonus and I never could have in my life said no to such an offer. I claimed the bonus and got to the action. The money was only for a limited period of time. I took the bonus and started with the slots and no money in slots and absolutely no action. TS II disappointed big time.

    Break da bank was a little better and here I could have made some money if I had a deposit to make. It was for the first time that MG slots were giving me such a hard time. Then I thought that why do not just try what their name says. I moved to the Bj game. And here I was betting big because I had 500 and I had never played with such a big balance before.

    I could not make the wager and in fact I lost the money in just 30-40 minutes but this was the most fun I ever had with any no deposit bonus I had ever claimed. I do not think that they have a good return to the players because the games were not responding as much as they should have .

  5. I registered at this casino because that I got email that I have free play offer. Actually, I love free play bonuses, because it is not no deposit bonus, but you actually will receive something nice, and it will be huge deposit bonus with no max cash out. Ok, I use free play bonus, and got 500% bonus on deposit up to 100$. Of course this is a delicious offer, and best way to use it deposit 20$ and play with 120$ what I do. Okay, I start with such nice balance, but a lot of wager, what game to choose? Of course I decide to play Break da bank again, and again they Break my bank, and with 70$ I left this slot.

    I really do not know why I can not win anything decent in this slot guys, I trying almost every deposit at Microgaming casinos, but always it sucked my money. Damn. Ok, after it I goes to Tomb raider slot, play it a bit, after it I go to ladies nite slot, I like it because it have only 9 lines and payouts if you hit something are really nice, especially in free spins. So after ladies nite I switch to Santa wild ride, than some another slots, and lost all finally. After it I decided to made another 50$ deposit, do not take any bonus, and play blackjack.

    Okay, live support help me cancel bonus, and I have 50$ to play blackjack. I am start with 5$ per hand, but soon when my balance grows to 150$ i start betting 30$ per hand, like idiot, like always. I do not know why I am betting in blackjack so high, really. Anyway, I lost this 50$ another deposit in probably 20 min, and that was painful. But this happens and I can not do anything with it.So, my marks for Blackjack Ballroom casino: /Software: 9/10 /Support: 9/10 as a Casino Rewards support /Bonuses: 9/10 /Cashouts: do no test /Total: 9/10 I like this casino, and as a part of Casino Rewards group you can trust it and play without any risk.

  6. I was playing at Blackjack for a while now and I kind of got hooked on it again. /I played a lot of Blackjack in the past but recently Blackjack was very lucky for me on the last cash I had deposited in a casino.This casino is Microgaming powered, so for instance, if you didn’t come for Blackjack you can pick amongst 500 games in Microgaming. I like Thunderstruck.It didn’t take long to register, and I really liked their bonus. I did play once or twice before in a casino where you get a bonus if you meet the wagering requirements with the free play bonus, but I never managed to beat the wagering requirements and withdraw the money or use it to play with. /It didn’t happen this time either, and I was really disappointed. I thought the Blackjack tactic was going fine, until I started upping the bets bits by bits.When playing Blackjack you have to play attention to the bets you are using, and how fast you are placing yourself. /I got a bit carried away , but I did manage to win 90$, 120$ something like that. /Blackjack has a volotile nature, and it can be very bad if you aren’t playing it smart. /It seems that my blackjack luck disappeared. I didn’t like the fact that it was download only.

    I am a flash player, and I played in quite a bit of casinos, and the thing is, Iike all of those casinos were download only, I’d have about 10 gigabytes of casinos on my pc. /Besides, flash play is instant, and wont repel people who look for a quick play for instance. /I didn’t pay much attention to many of the games, because I was focused on Blackjack the entire time. /I guess since the name is with Blackjack as well, I’d have to play that. I did play thunderstruck for a while though, couldn’t resist spinning a few times.So that is the only negative thing. I played Thunderstruck with 0.5 bets and I did manage to grab some free spins. /I had about 30 spins, and I also had 2x 15 spins that I got so that was edgy. /I didn’t mage the wagering requirements though.

    /It’s a nice casino, and it might be my go-to casino if I want to play blackjack. 7/10

  7. Blackjack Ballrom Microgaming software casino from Casino Rewards group. I play in this place using free play promotions 500 free so few things how this work ? Simple play over 20 spins to testing games win over 100 stop free play if win over 100 $ in no luck then restart free play. And try again win over 100. Now deposit 20 and we have bonus 100 for 20 deposit. So I started play with 120$ now looking terms, wager x 30 bonus in slot ok.

    A little big but bonus was also big ok- but in terms is few traps- don’t use gambling options – ok don’t single spin more then 15% bonus amount ok but dont use autoplay options, this is big trap when player play with this bonus and must do a lot spins to make wager. So I play after make wager ( this was not easy but is possible ) I do cash outs reverse time was probably 48 h don’t remember next documents standard copy documents id fax billings. And withdrawal received after few days. They have good support but support don’t tell you all rules if player play with bonus then player must find all rules and read carefully all terms and conditions promotions whose already used. Abut progress wagering with bonus- this is show in casino after your check you money you see real money and bonus when you starts you have 120 but when you click in 120 you see 100 bonus and 20 real cash.

    When you play some time and check again this you see 90 or 80 bonus and some real cash and you can check your progress in this place. More play and Bonus will be go downCasino rewards have a lot casinos in group so you can always use your Casino Rewards points earned from deposit and from play more deposits- more play = more points . Points can be use in Casino Rewards lottery or can be reedem to bonus money. But if you will be to often reedem bonus points to cash then casino blocked it. Same things about deposit promotions- if player will be use to often high deposit promotions in a lot others casinos from one Casino rewards group then soon Casino rewards blocked all deposit bonus- and player cant use any deposit bonus.

    This was in my case now I can’t use deposit promotions only play with my money if I decided do deposit.Not good for me but ok. I like play in Microgamings and I often in past play in a lot casinos from Casino rewards group but now when I can’t use bonus I play in Microgamings but from other group no Casino Rewards. /Anyway I think Blackajack Ballrom is good casino. They have /- very good deposit free play promotions 100 free after deposit 20 /- good support /- short verificiations not problems to received winnings if player don’t broke rules. /I don’t like in this place /-Hidden trap about deposit bonus terms – autoplay options, gambling options /-Casino policy blocked deposit bonus for player who to often do withdrawal playing with bonus /-After they blocked Casino rewards points is very hard unlocked this points again- I have over 200e in this points but I can’t use it because is suspended for me and support always say you must do more deposit to be able to unlocked this points. But how many deposit not answers- I do few deposit but after ask again about this still answers is same do more and more deposits.

  8. Blackjack ballroom casino it is Microgaming powered casino and you know, it is Casino Rewards group. Never heard anything about Casino Rewards group? Register at any of their casinos and you will start getting few spam emails every day from this guys that offers to join new casinos in their group. I did not like spam of course, but generally I do no care, I have something like 5k unread emails, and it was 15k few months ago till I clear it, so I did not care about spam, really, it is does not hurt me. But if you hate it, there will be your first complaint of course.I played at Blackjack ballroom once in my life, and it is typical for me, for many Casino Rewards brands I played only once and then never return, because I was just getting welcome bonus and that’s all. Welcome offer here is typical free play bonus, and I was able to get 100$ in bonus money for 50$ deposit.

    With such high account balance I decide to try Break da bank again, who knows when this 5 brilliants will land with wild in free spins? I played 0.90$ bets, and I really think even 0.9 it is already high for this slot, because variance is insane. I have around 20 features before I lost my money, but all features was a bit sick and I was not able to get any nice 5 of a kind with wild, or 5 of a kind at all. Best feature pay me something like 100 x total bet but this does not help me since after this feature slot start eating my money even faster than before this feature.It is good casino and of course safe, but you should know about a lot of spam, and very strict terms and conditions regarding bonuses, so make sure you read terms before starting playing.

  9. Bj ballroom is a part of the famous Casino Rewards group and I think this group has more than 20 casinos at least and recently I also got to know that they have around 10 million users or something. So I think it will be fair to say that this is probably the largest group of casinos in the world. This is one of the few casino with the Micro gaming portal that offers a free play bonus of 500$ for a limited period of time. The thing which I did not like and it happens with all the casino s with the Micro gaming that most of them do not have a instant play mode so I obviously had to download the software of the casino which luckily did not take up a lot of time. I did not get my free play bonus after registering so I had to go to the live chat and they were very helpful and just asked for my username and full name and credited the bonus into my account from their end.I played a lot of slots here but most of the time I was on Thunderstruck II because this one is one of the finest slot games ever made.

    I managed to get some action here but not enough to keep me from going down and save me from the spins that were going to waste with no feature. After this one I played Tomb Raider slot and I played this game only a couple of times before so not really a frequent visitor. But enjoyed this one too. In the end I went to table games and I tried my luck there and my balance was already around 390 something and I was running low on time because of the time taken in lading of the /games had played before. Played some Bj and roulette in the end but before I could lose all /the money my time was up and I was no longer eligible to play with the bonus.

    But I really enjoyed playing on this casino and might make a real money deposit very soon.

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