Gossip Slots Casino Bonus Codes

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Gossip Slots Casino is a friendly gaming platform for customers speaking English, German, Italian, Spanish, French.

Keep in mind, they do not accept players from Israel, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Antigua and Barbuda, China, North Korea, Myanmar [Burma], Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Pakistan, United Kingdom!

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  1. Gossip Slots is a casino powered by Betsoft software and I always remember them for their uniquely designed 3D slots. It’s definitely not my favorite software, but I saw somewhere a free chip for new members and decided to give it a try.I used flash play and signed up quickly. I used a promo link so when I signed in I was thinking that the 15$ ND bonus would be in my account already, but it wasn’t. Then I contacted the live chat to ask what’s wrong, since in my account page I saw many promotions, including the one I was referring to. I had to wait some time to get a response from chat.

    I told them my details and then guess what-chat told me that they do not allow players from my country to play there. I was confused, why I could sign up and provide them with my details and then they say I cannot be there? Where’s the logic in that? And when I asked, why was I able to even sign up, chat lady told me this :Every country can sign up, but it is a company policy that we do not accept players from Latvia.I do understand that and every company can make their rules, but I really didn’t like the fact that I mentioned my address, cell phone number and other details, and then they can keep them, it made me not to trust them. I strongly feel that if you cannot play there, you shouldn’t be able to register. And the attitude from the support made me grumpy too, I was polite but I didn’t get the same back. Our conversation ended when I asked them to delete my account, there was no point of keeping it anyway. /I usually am not that harsh but I really don’t like casinos that have this kind of policy when talking about country restrictions.

    I felt used, frustrated and I don’t think this casino is trustful.

  2. My first encounter with Gossip Slots Casino was when they were nearly launched, back in early 2014. When I think of Gossip Slots, I am reminded of the hot British dancers group ‘Hot Gossip’. That too was way way back when I was studying in London. Don’t even know if they still exists now, hehehe. Well, with a name like Gossip Slots, I was thinking maybe this could be a hot casino, with lots of gossiping about them going around, but that wasn’t to be.

    Gossiping, yes, but not the kind that I had hoped it would be.The first thing I noticed was that I could load the website and do navigating without too much hassles from my slow 2G internet connection. This bit I like. It was for testing purposes only, before switching back to my usual 3G connection. Things have not changed much since the first time I visited their website, and it’s a BetSoft dedicated casino – a rare thing to find nowadays. Good if you’re an ardent BetSoft fan, but very disappointing if you’re not.

    Well, I am not, but I do like a few of their games, although they don’t play or pay as good as other provider games.For new players, there’s an on-going promotion of 100 no-deposit free spins upon registration, and it was this offer that made me sign up at Gossip Slots Casino. I simply cannot ever resist 100 no-deposit free spins and I’d be damn crazy if they do not attract me at all! Hahaha. The accompanying Bonus Terms are rather basic and simplistic, without giving much other info on them, so I assumed it would be as per the usual Bonus terms. Oh boy! Was I wrong! The free spins can be played on 1 of 3 games – 2 Million B.C, Alkemor’s Tower or Rook’s Revenge. I am quite familiar with all the 3 games, so I chose to play on Alkemor’s Tower.

    Well, the game played exceedingly well, very much to my surprise and expectations! The first free spin alone gave me a Free Spins game and a big win! That got me thrilled! The rest of the free spins gave some small wins and 2 more Free Spins games, but nothing was like the first one. At the end of the 100 free spins, I had won at least $50 (I didn’t keep track of the amount), but the winnings was not shown anywhere in the credit balance. That confused and bewildered me! I tried to get assistance and clarification from the Live Chat service but it was offline. Well, so much for Live Chat being available 24/7! I then left a message for them to reply back, then I logged out in disappointment. Why? Because I had wanted to go on playing with the free spins winnings, but it wasn’t there, not even after logging-out and logging-in again.

  3. I first played at Gossip Slots when they were quite newly opened. The fact they have slots here is kind of in the name of the casino but for some bizarre reason I did at first think that it was actually the bingo site..but I was wrong (which in my world is very rare!!!!!!) You will be happy to know that there isn’t a bingo ball in site here just slots! The site is actually powered by the BetSoft software provider and what attracted me here was the offer of 25 free spins no deposit required on the slot Rooks Revenge! I’m not a huge fan of this slot but when the spins are free I can quite easily be a fan of any game! /u003E /u003EWhen I first arrived at the site I was instantly put off by the fact that their Live Help and Support telephone number was an international one and there was no sign of a British number. Being from the UK I like to know that if I had to contact support I can do without having a huge phone bill. This is not a necessary requirement for me so I signed up anyway. I actually signed up through their apple optimised casino (their mobile casino).

    Its so much easier than using using their flash casino when using an Ipad. The only downfall of this is you do not get the variation of slots like you do on the flash player you only get a selected few. Lucky for me Rooks Revenge is optimised on their mobile site! I signed up and got the 25 free spins. I honestly can’t remember what I won, I don’t think it was much (I never do win much on this slot) but was really looking forward to playing another of their slots that’s available on flash and mobile and that’s Boomanji. My excitement was unfortunately very short lived when I learnt that in order to play the winnings from your free spins you do have to make a deposit! These offers really annoy me, obviously this all could have been avoided if I’d just read the terms and conditions.

    If I had I doubt I would have registered here at all! It’s hardly a no deposit bonus is it! Yes, ok, you do get to spin the reels 25 times for free! Whoopy do! But to actually spend your winnings you have to deposit! That is a contradiction if ive ever seen one! /u003E /u003EYou’ve probably guessed already when I say I have not made a deposit here. I’d like to say ‘not yet’ but in all honesty I doubt I ever will. If there were other software providers I may consider it but just BetSoft alone isn’t enough for me!

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