Luxury Casino Bonus Codes

Luxury Casino Bonus and Free Spins

So here we go – pick up 20 free spins at first registration and hopefully win enough to get paid out. The free spins will then be available on the classic Avalon slot machine. If nothing has come out of it or you feel like expanding the bankroll, then you have a very advantageous welcome bonus package at your disposal.

You will receive up to €1,000 (!) for your first 5 deposits.

Deposit Your Casino Bonus in Luxury
First deposit 100% bonus (up to 150€)
Second Deposit 50% bonus (up to 200€)
Third Deposit 25% bonus (up to 300€)
Fourth Deposit 50% bonus (up to 200€)
Fifth deposit 100% bonus (up to 150€)

The Luxury Casino bonus will be credited directly to your bonus account. There are also bonuses that will be credited to your Rewards account. Since the bonus is bound as always to wagering conditions, I am sometimes quite happy to get no bonus or have to decide whether to take it. It’s a bit funny, especially because casinos advertise their bonuses, to recommend not to take a bonus. But every bonus has its time and deposit amount that screams for the bonus. In the Luxury Casino, the minimum deposit is 20 € – so you should double that in any case. there the 100 % bonus offers itself quite literally. But again one should also consider whether one then not the 100 % bonus somewhat higher “exhausts”, up to 150 € would be possible.

With a deposit of only 20 € and it would be, let’s assume, the 3rd deposit and you get only 25%, then the bonus is not worth it at all. So the 5 € you can also deposit more and without bonus and the associated sales conditions try your luck in the Luxury Casino.

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  1. Luxury casino is also a part of Casino Rewards group. sometimes I think why do they not have only one amazing and breath taking casino rather than having so many average casinos out there because you can never beat quality by quantity. One thing Casinos Reward groups casinos are good at which is sending s emails and always telling us about some promotional offer or new bonus for us to benefit from. But whats the point of any bonus if the games are not good and do not have a good return on the money you deposit. I guess this is what happened with Luxury casino because everything with this casino is good but you cannot win big money with them and that is what matters the most.

    break the bank and hit man were the only nice slots I encountered and won some money playing with them. And processing of this casino room is very slow and the only thing that is keeping them in the game is Micro gaming because they have a very large variety of games and some of them are really cool but most of them suck and this is very unlike any casino from Casino Rewards group. The only thing they have of a Casino Reward group standard is the support team which is very fast and responsive. This casino is suitable for players who play small bets because some of the slots are fun and really good to earn some money so small rollers can benefit for them but the table games were not at all good and very tight I could not win a single penny their and was very pissed about it. AltogetherI do not know what to advice about this casino room because it was good and was also bad at the same time so join and know what it really is about.

  2. I had joined the Luxury casino because of some offer I found at a site where they were giving a no deposit bonus if you won that contest. I did not participate in the contest but I surely joined this casino because I am always looking for new casinos and looking for a change in my gaming experience. hey have been powered by Micro gaming platform and this simply means amazing slots and table games so their was not a doubt about the game in my mind while joining this casino site. They have a 100% match up bonus up to 150 $ and I like it because it increases our play time and gives us a little room to take risks and bet a little higher. They have a very nice selection of games and it is very much fun to play on.

    I like their site design with all black and silver and i like it that they have kept it simple. /They are a part of the Casino Rewards group which was very good to know because I always play on this groups edition no matter what the casino looks like. All the casinos from this group have a very nice support system and I come to know about their other casinos through their mails. What I like about them is that they always have some promotion or some bonuses going on. So it is always very exciting to play with them. I liked the slots on this casino and Mega moolah is my favorite on any casino from this group as it always gets me money.

    I loved my time on this casinos even though I could not win too much but /it is any day better than losing money. I would rate this casino 8.5 out of 10 because other casinos from this group are a little better.

  3. Managed by a really terrible Australian company named u0022Casino Rewardsu0022 I’m telling you beware of having to deal with them or any of their subsidiary casinos. They have very crafty subtle policies that you might not be aware of and can get screwed any moment if they choose too. / /Also be careful in case you keep winning consistently they might choose to confiscate your legitimate earnings and close your account by sending a really rude email on behalf of a person named Sally. And yeah you’ll be very bummed out I promise you.Very long wait to get payed 48 hours. Essentially for the gamble addicts could be an issue if never getting their money into their bank accounts since you could easily reverse your earnings and play and of course loose.Finally for some reason at times odds seems to be really weird and against you. A few times when I was playing black jack the dealer pulled out 21 out of 6 which is statistically impossible considering that 6 is a bust card, seemed really sketchy and felt rigged since I also play at real casinos and scenarios like that never happen in my experience.

    /Conclusion: don’t play at any casino manage de by these Aussie idiot company u0022casino rewardsu0022 since they definitely will screw with your earnings on the long run.

  4. I joined up with Luxury casino because they sent me a $1000 offer through the post along with a CD that I promptly am using as a coaster! You can download their casino for a more conventional way of joining up. They are one out of the Casino Rewards group which I have played in before, so I expected a decent turn around and Microgame type games. If you have played in one casino rewards group casino then you have probably played in them all. The only difference is that the layout is slightly different. The type of games you can find here are a good selection.

    I always look at what they have on the roulette tables because that is a good pointer to how everything else plays and I was not disappointed. The blackjack and poker tables also feature enough variation to get you going with good odds. What is nice is that there is a strategy sheet if you want to mechanically play as opposed to bet wildly. I have my own strategy, but it is always nice for them to offer! /u003E /u003EThe slot games are another good aspect. Most of the slot games that are worth playing have some sort of bonus game attached, I counted more progressive type games than I have found anywhere else.

    The Lord of the Rings progressive card type game is fun but expensive as I sadly found out! /u003E /u003EThe sign up bonus is not a straight $1000, instead it is a bonus structure that is based on 1st, 2nd , 3rd deposits. Some are awarded 100%, while others get 50. %The first bonus is 100% so it is round about the same as any other casino, especially with the 30 x play through requirement. Basically it is nothing special, and not worth the hype. Overall though the casino plays well and you can withdraw money quickly u2013 there is nothing here to make me say wow so I will rate it at 7/10.

  5. Support have always been very helpful and friendly when I have needed to speak to them. They stand out in this regard as I’ve found that the live chat agents on some sites can be slow to respond and can have a bit of an attitude. The wagering requirements on bonuses are fair compared to many sites and they are part of the Casino Rewards network which gives you chances to win other prizes. Withdrawals are processed in 2-3 days which is quick compared to many, although could be quicker. They have downloadable software should you prefer this to playing through a web browser.

  6. Luxury casino is Microgaming casino which also belongs to Casino Reward group. I played at this casino many times, and probably most times across all Casino Rewards brand, and therefore have a lot of experience with this casino, and I am happy to share it with everyone who will read my reviews.Luxury casino has a bit strange welcome policy to new players, because their start with lowest bonuses, and then bonuses just bigger and bigger, they award bonuses on all 5 deposits, and also there is strange thing that after I take all their welcome bonuses they did not send me any other bonuses, so I just made deposits and Luxury casino without any bonus, but this is also good due to casino rewards policy which not allow players to get two deposits bonuses in a row if no deposit without bonus was made between it.I had few withdrawals from this casino, but highest was 330$ which I won from deposit without any bonus, and strange thing that I win so big money playing not slots, I just won it on roulette table, when I get really lucky streaks with bets range from 10 to 30 dollars. All my withdrawals from this casino was paid in timelly manner, and casino never show anything bad to me, live chat was always available and they never phone me, for example. I did not like when casino phone me and offer bonuses, what the point? Casino Rewards call me only once, to verify my identify, and that was long time ago, my English was awful, and I am not sure if they understand my answers to them.I rate Luxury casino with 7 stars like any other casino from this group, because they had a bit strange terms and conditions on bonuses, and because withdrawals are slow compared to best Microgaming casinos .

  7. A long time ago I decided to play here because they sent me a letter with a cd what is contains the casino and their games. Also they informed me I was eligible to they first time match bonuses and some of special promotion. After I visited they home page I realized they uses casino reward affiliate group. This thing is gave a reason to register because I blindly trust to them. They are the most reputable affiliate partners on the web, all casino who uses this CR group, they able to pay and take care of their players even if they aren’t a high rollers.

    Every time when I write about them I want to emphasize they are the best solution to play with your money.I downloaded and installed the casino, after it I went to the live support (24/7 live and you don’t need to wait 10 u2013 15 minutes to respond from them). I asked her to tell me more from the deposit bonuses, she was very helpful and know her job. Within a few minutes told me all the important things from the bonuses, they had a more steps match bonuses it means they give bonuses until your first four deposits. The best is the first match bonus, I claimed it and the live support was gladly helped me to get it. (The first is a 100 percentage match bonus up to 150 euro with 30 x wagering requirements, the next deposit are lower percentages).After I deposited 25 euro I get my 25 euro deposit instantly, I started to play with the bars and stripes with a higher bet 1.25 euro per spin, because I knew I had a larger amount to turn over.

    Sadly this time the CR wasn’t brings me the luck but I deposited to them ago and I was cash out about 400 euro from them with 150-200 euro deposit, so this casino is profitable.Thank You!

  8. I am member of Casino Reward Group Casinos for a long time. First I took some welcome bonuses at other casinos but a few months ago I found this one too, and I wanted to claim 100% match deposit bonus.After I downloaded their software and logged in, I saw an offer for this welcome bonus. I clicked on this banner and after that I went into cashier where I made deposit of 20u20ac. The bonus was not credited so I contact live chat support. The support agent told me that I can not claim this bonus, I do not really know why.

    He said that if I will play at their casino for a longer time, this promotion will be available and I could claim it later. I think the reason why I couldn’t claim this welcome bonus is because I claim a few others at their Reward Group Casinos. Well later I played only with 20u20ac and I lost in a few minutes on Game of Thrones. I did not received any decent winnings from this game. Before I closed the casino, I tried to redeem my loyalty points to bonus cash of 20u20ac, but I just couldn’t.

    I had at two different casinos two bonus cash, I think if this would worked for me I would redeem about 40u20ac bonus cash. Well I was a little disappointing about it, maybe if I will play more often here they will unlock it for me.I think this casino is ok, but nothing special. Otherwise I trust casinos which belong to Reward Group. I had once withdrawal there at other casino and I did not have any problems with it. I will rate this casino with 7 stars, maybe promotions could be a little better without u02ddfreezingu02dd bonuses and loyalty points.

  9. They didn’t give me anything to like. Winnie seemed so nice…. But her promise was not kept. I will no longer play here.

  10. Luxury casino is one of the members of the Casino Rewards Group, which means that this is a really safe and trustworthy casino. Another thing that kind of attracted me was their name, it sounded kinda fancy and also the fact that they have the best support that is really helpful and kind and will respond in a heart beat to your every request. Like any other casino from the previously mentioned group, this one is also powered by Microgaming, which means vast amount of awesome games for picking. So after loading their page that looked pretty fit with the name of their casino and also some other things that looked similar for a member of the Casino Rewards Group. So they offer a downloadable version of the software and also instant play, in my case I choose instant play, made my sign up and a deposit of 25$ which was doubled since I took the first deposit bonus of 100%, also the number of deposit bonuses that you can take is five up to in total of 1000$ free money.

    So I choose to play a slot that I haven’t played in quite some time name Playboy. I started with a 0.60$ bet per spin, but the beginning wasn’t really good but luckily by the time that my balance dropped to 32$ I managed to trigger free spins. In free spins I managed to win 35$ thanks to that 5x multiplier and a five of a kind win. So I set the slot on 100 FS and by the time I got back my balance dropped to 25$, so I assumed I had a lot of empty spins. I lowered my bet to 0.30$ and kept playing although the thought of switching the slots occurred to me on several occasions but still I kept playing.

    I did manage to trigger free spins a good amount of times but unluckily with not a big win, that lead to my balance reaching zero after a while.Overall this is a really great casino, with the best support in the business and I would gladly recommend it for you to try it out.

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