Las Vegas USA Casino Bonus Codes

New customer bonus

If you are a new customer at Casino LasVegas, you can claim a 100 percent up to 500 Euro bonus from a minimum deposit of 20 Euro. In addition, there are another 50 free spins for a solid entry into the casino, a bonus code is not required for either of the two bonus offers. With just 20 times the turnover for bonus and deposit as well as winnings from free spins, the wagering requirements here are by far not as high as in many other online casinos, which is clearly on the plus side to order. In total, you have 30 days to unlock the new customer bonus, but here you also have to consider which games contribute to the sales conditions and which do not. Slots, keno, and scratchcards account for 100 percent of wagering requirements, while most table and card games only include 25 percent and video poker, craps and blackjack only account for 5 percent.

Bonus Promotions & Deals

On the promotion page of Casino LasVegas you can always find current bonus promotions, but also offers that are now an integral part of the casino, such as cashback offers, which are definitely among the rarest promotions. Loyalty points also play an important role here and it is always a good idea to subscribe to the casino’s newsletter to be up to date on how to make the most of your balance.

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  1. STAY AWAY!!!I had a big $5000 win on playing slots on Las Vegas USA a week ago. I have not received my money, and they tell me it will probably be a month before they are able to process my money and I do receive it. I’m beginning to worry I may never see it. It was a hassle just to get them to move the payout from their security team into their financial department. I do realize that providing proof of identity is standard practice at on-line casinos.

    I had to submit copies of photo ID, credit card used, a bill proving place of residence, and a hand signed agreement in order for the request to go from the security department to the finance department for processing. They even managed to squeezed an extra 1/2 day out of the process because they claimed that the first set of copies of my ID weren’t clear enough and I had to provide clearer one in order for the process to move forward. You know, I’m not a gun person so I’ve never gone through the process of passing a background check in order to buy one. But I gotta think it’s easier then getting Las Vegas USA to move your payout from their security team to their finance team. So I thought I was in the clear and that Las Vegas USA would get my payment processed and to me in a few more days.

    I thought wrong.After seeing hundred to thousand of negative reviews and formally submitted complaints on-line (specifically about Las Vegas USA) I got worried and thought it best to be a little proactive and take action. I submitted formal complaints against Las Vegas USA with,,, and Casino Players Reports. For those unfamiliar, these are sites that help on-line gamblers find reputable on-line casinos. They also act as a third party operator – helping people deal with issues they encounter while gambling at less then reputable casinos.So why would I gamble at a less then reputable casino? Because I didn’t do my homework before joining an on-line casino. I googled something like u0022best on-line casinosu0022, went to the first one that had a 10 star rating, joined, and started gambling.

    Being naive I never stopped to think that some of those sited just might be partially funded by less then reputable casinos that pay the site for stars – just guessing now, but the more money the pay I bet the more stars they get. I think I put a link somewhere in this post to one of the sites that gives Las Vegas USA 10 stars and duped me into joining Las Vegas USA.u0026lt; external link removed u0026gt;Getting back to my issue with Las Vegas USA. Like I said I posted formal complaints at the aforementioned sites (,,, and Casino Players Reports). The representative from Casino Players Reports contacted Las Vegas USA concerning my issue getting paid and sent me a message with the response he got from Las Vegas USA. It is not good news. Las Vegas USAresponse is that it will be about a month before they are able to process my request – there must be a lot of other frustrated Las Vegas USA customers out there. They also told the representative that there is no way for them to make an exception and move my payout request to the front of the queue for immediate processing. A month?!?! How do they think this is believable? I mean they have no inventory to pick, pack,and ship. Nothing for them to assemble. All they have is to act with some decency, honor their side of the deal, process a transaction, and and send the customer the payout. It might take me a month to receive a customized Tesla that I order, it should take a few minutes to process a financial transaction.Las Vegas USA and Mainstreet Affiliates (u0026lt; external link removed u0026gt;) must severely underestimate the intelligence of their clientu00e8le. Aside from being completely shady, it is their business strategy that is not smart. Think about… had they sent me the money in a reasonable amount of time, I would have taken some of those winnings and put it back into their casino, giving them the chance to make there money back (or more). /I will gamble on-line again – I like (u0026lt; external link removed u0026gt;) and will probably do business with them. But I will never spend another cent at Las Vegas USA or at any of the other casinos that are part of Mainstreet Affiliates. Furthermore, if the had honored there side of the deal, I wouldn’t be on-line trying to help others avoid Las Vegas USA. Who knows, they may be robbing me of $5000, but they might be robbing themselves of $50,000 or more.I hope this will convince fellow gamblers to steer clear of Las Vegas USA casino and the other Mainstreet Affiliates casinos so that when these gamblers do win they can simply enjoy the win and not have deal with the hassle of fighting for your money like myself and so many others. You’ll find many more stories that are similar to mine and about Las Vegas USA and the other Mainstreet Affiliates casinos at these reputable, independent /u0026lt; external link removed u0026gt; /u0026lt; external link removed u0026gt; /u0026lt; external link removed u0026gt;Casino Players Reports /u0026lt; external link removed u0026gt; /I’ve listed all Mainstreet Affiliates casinos below (stay away).Las Vegas USA Casino /u0026lt; external link removed u0026gt;SlotsPlus /u0026lt; external link removed u0026gt;Vegas Casino Online /u0026lt; external link removed u0026gt;Sun Palace Casino /u0026lt; external link removed u0026gt;Old Havana Casino /u0026lt; external link removed u0026gt;

  2. I enjoy the online casino atmosphere. Deposits go through instantly there is no hold and it seems you have unlimited time to play fun casino games that you would inside a casino its just online! Live support is very helpful quick answers and verification process is quick and easy providing everything they need. Simple fun site you should see at top of the ratings list! This site has great potential…

  3. I rarely write reviews about online casinos even though I have played at many online casinos. I’m also playing at multiple sites right now. But I do want to say that there is definitely fairness and peace of mind playing at casinos owned by the Main Street Vegas Group Casinos. Yes, it DOES take a long time for them to pay you, but they DO pay in the end. I have played at all of their casinos and was lucky enough to, over a period of time, cashed out more than 10,000 US dollars from very small deposits with bonuses.

    In the end, I was paid 100%, and to me that’s important! They paid me full amounts, not a single dollar more or less, with NO pain and hassles. So to conclude, if you are a fan of RTG slots and don’t mind waiting to get your money, then I’m sure you will find playing at all of their casinos very positive.

  4. Las Vegas USA casino is another member of the group of RTG powered casinos, which are desperately trying to keep the bad reputation, connected with such casinos previously, alive at any cost! /u003EWhen I joined them back in the end of 2010 I was really hoping of a good service, since their casino was promoted around the internet as a top pick! It turned out to be a pure lie! Although the welcome offer was a little strange u2013 125% match to the amount of the deposit till 100 and 25% to the sum above 100, it was cashable(at least the support told me so), but the wagering requirements were impossible for achieving! Since I was from the customers, based outside USA and Canada, I was expected to turn my bonus and deposit 100 (one hundred) times in order to cash out?! It is easy to guess that I never used any bonus there, but that didn’t spared me the troubles at all! I made a small deposit of 65$ and tried one of my favourite RTG slots, called Happy Golden Ox of Happiness. This game is set to 1.00 bet per spin and got pretty decent jackpot, which is still a dream for me after 4 years of chasing! Anyway, I was pretty lucky and soon I got 3 free spin features in a row and my balance jumped quickly to almost 430$. I tried some more slots and after a day the sum became 650! So, I decided to withdraw and went to the cashier. Be advised that if you don’t have a Skrill or Neteller account, you are supposed to be in a trouble, since their timeframe for withdrawing using another method is a complete disaster! So, based on the fact that I already had a Moneybookers (they were still with the old name then) account I was quite confident and withdrew all the money, considering that the process will not take very long to accomplish! Be warned, that it does not matter what is written in the website u2013 the actual times for cash outs are several times longer! On the fifth day my payout was still in a pending period, although my documents were verified successfully! The live support was constantly deceiving me that my money will be processed today, tomorrow, than the day after tomorrow and so on. On the second week I lost my good temper and got pretty harsh live chat session, which brought me nothing but more nerves and I reversed some of the cash.

    Than on the next day a little more and at the end of the week I lost everything! And even when I reversed the last 150$, they were still in a pending status u2013 after more than 11 days!!! /u003ESo, to summarize I will use some simple rating scores: /u003Eu003Cbu003ESupport: 0/10 /u003ESoftware: 9/10 /u003ESecurity: 5/10 /u003EFinance: 0/10 /u003EBonuses: 0/10 /u003ETermsu0026amp;Conditions: 0/10 /u003E /u003EOverall: Avoid this casino! Far away from the minimal standards! u003C/bu003E /u003E /u003EWell that is it from me now:). Thanks to for giving me the opportunity to share my story! And always remember: u003Cbu003Eu201cYou can not break the casino bank, but it is worth trying! u003C/b

  5. Good bonuses better than any other casino I’ve visited. Fair game play and I did get paid. Good graphics.

  6. I won money! I liked how the game was laid out. They have a chat feature so you can get to talk to someone fairly easily.

  7. I had some problems with the customer service here but it worked itself out once I applied a bit more pressure. Other than that it was a good experience and I would try it again.

  8. Las Vegas USA casino powered by Real Time Gaming software and I think it is not secret for anyone that most players in this casino is from United States of America, of course, because this guys did not have a lot of choices where to play, this is we European gamblers can change casinos even daily and still will have a lot of choices.I played at Las Vegas USA casino only once in my life, I just take their SUB (sign up bonus) and after losing never come back in this casino. But I will describe you how I lost my single deposit in this casino. I made 30$ deposit and with SUB that was 150% I had 75$ to play with, this is nice bank to start, but you know, how variance for me it is everything, so I started from T-rex video slot. I really did not know why I still sometimes play this slot, because in almost all occasions it just eat my money. I started playing with 0.5$ bets, yes I can bet 0.75$, but since variance is high here and slot is always cold for me, I thought it is better to have lesser betsize.

    I triggered freespins feature around 4 times, all the time with only 3 scatters, and after another feature that payed me bad, I left this terrible luck for me slot with something like 20$ left. I thought I have some chances to recover my bank, and I did this on Alladin wishes video slot, this one apart from T-rex is much more better for me, but I rarely play it, because variance is low and it is hard to win something big on this game. After this I went to Triple twister, and quickly lost my money without even hitting features, yeah, be careful with Real Time Gaming high variance games. /I rate Las Vegas USA with 6 stars.

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