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Black Diamond Casino is a friendly gaming platform for customers speaking English, German, Italian, Spanish, French.

Keep in mind, they do not accept players from Bulgaria, Canada, Costa Rica, Israel, Netherlands Antilles, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom!

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  1. I received this email–We’re giving you 25 FreeChip, so you can continue playing our awesome slots games on Black Diamond. All you have to do is click the image above and log into your account. Open some amazing slots games and the FreeChip will be automatically credited so you can start spinning those reels immediately. While you’re there be sure to check out our latest promotions and tournaments for even more prizes! And always check your email for more surprises! *Bonus rules applies. /Well it seems u0022bonus rules appliesu0022 means if you win big you get nothing–I won 5,245. and thought they might give me 100.

    or 200.–they would not give me anything–do not bother with them.

  2. Some of the few good things I wanted to do during my stay at Black Diamond is to utilize firstly their $25 no deposit bonus. This came to me inside my inbox because I played on other Top Game casinos before. I understand that Top Game casinos like Black Diamond aren`t the best playgrounds to go on but this is however a chance for them to rekindle my interest towards casinos such as Black Diamond. As I was making my way through the link provided inside my email I clicked on it, downloaded the Black Diamond casino and registered my details to avail me the real money account. Once inside I continued to fill up the personal information before contacting support as this is mandatory for them to credit any type of bonus including the $25 no deposit bonus.

    After a minute I rung up support to tell them I signed up through a link and would like to claim the bonus. She exclaimed in good faith and credited my bonus where it sat for a very long time in my account ensuing the long playthrough. As it was expected the wagering is 99x before cashing out. So I headed towards Cool Stone Age where the symbols look futuristic in a Stone age way. The computer symbols are made out stone or wood lol so I am wondering how this can work without something to power them? Anyways, I kept spinning the Stone age Reels for about an hour where my bonus rose to $36 and fell to a low $13.

    Then came some free spins! I was not too thrilled about getting 3 scattered cottages because it only gives out 5 free spins. Keep in mind there are no multipliers! For the results of the 5 free spins I only got $2.60 from the 5 spins. I honestly wish they would come up with better video slot bonuses as Top Game in general do not please players unlike the other casinos where every video slot has multipliers, jackpots whether it be random or 5 wilds to get them, bigger free spins, exciting bonuses and the like! In terms of getting the bonus round inside Cool Stone Age I never got a chance to trigger it. Once my bonus fell to the ground I took my plastic out to boost my gameplay to the lowest minimum deposit. But as forcing luck never got me the results I wanted I ended up losing my minimum deposit also.

    All I can say is Black Diamond is okay at best. It may not be as great as Microgaming or Playtech but I can tell you that it truly was a fun experience. Support was cooperative but not informative enough to make my stay extraordinary! A 6.5 out of 10 for Black Diamond!

  3. Hang on to your hats, this one is spectacular. I get an email saying I had 25$CAN free chip and therefore to and grab it. I do, it shows up in my account. I play blackjack and win 100$. I can’t withdraw the money.

    Talk to customer support.Customer support tells me: it’s practice money.So basically, they send you an offer which is entirely worthless. They are so cheap they give you 25$ of non-existing money. Why not simply allow demo mode like most online casinos out there? Avoid this place. It’s terrible.

  4. Another casino with big bonus just to try this games and read carefully because they are just to try their games, which means you cant cashout from them so the bonus is not cashable so it’s fun money.I really don’t understand this kind of casinos, what is the therm of no deposit bonus, did anyone tell them, that’s all dear casinos should be free bonus where players could take advantage of it and cashout from it, no mater what wagering requirements you will place in your terms.Well myself I am not big fan, actually I never liked their top games, but given as a free bonus why not to try them. So that way I decided to sign up at their casino, by my mistake not reading their bonus terms. So I downloaded the casino used the quick sign up process and when I logged in there was no 40 euros free chip for me. The next thing I did is contact the support, which they were friendly at least so they told me if I fill up my profile, placing all my general info I will be given the bonus. When I did that the support gave me the free bonus, but just like I knew it and asked what’s the wagering of the bonus, so I should know and where can I check that, the guy from the chat support answered me that this bonus is not cashable, so it’s given only as a free fun bonus so we could try their games.

    Well Diamond casino, if I wanted to use free or fun play I would use that option and never would sign up at your casino, so making traps for players is not nice, because there will be thousands of players which will not read neither ask for the bonus,but they will be playing and will expect that if they wager the bonus they will be cashed out.Well sorry dear players this is only fun money playing, so don’t waste your time, if you want to play here, just make a deposit because they seem like nice casino. Although there are few complaints, but I guess it’s for delay of their payout.Good Luck!

  5. They have okay customer chat support. And they helped me to make my initial deposit, with cashback offers. They are so nice and polite on chat, and write you often until you start winning and trying to request/withdraw your winning!

  6. Wow, I am shocked to learn that this casino has not yet been Blacklisted by AskGamblers. I am even more shocked to learn that this casino has hardly any complaints registered against it at the moment. Please don’t let this blur the real truth about the casino, which is, it is with no doubt a rogue casino.It is a casino aimed at US players more than a player like myself from the UK. But in my opinion why allow players from a country to play if your not even willing to give them the time of day. I will tell you why, to offer you false promises so you will deposit money here for their pockets and nothing else.

    Right from the outset I knew everything about this casino was wrong. I downloaded their software and had nothing but problems, it took ages to load and when it did it crashed every so often, made my computer run extremely slow when it was open, and was just a general nightmare. I decided to play here to broaden my opinion on other software providers apart from the most popular ones, but it just worsened my opinion. I received a no deposit bonus, which is all my intention ever was here, which had a wagering requirement of 99 times. I wasn’t surprised by this though, that’s not what bothered me.

    What bothered me was the sheer rudeness and ignorance of their customer support team. I’ve not played in too many casinos powered by Top Game, but the ones I have played in generally I found their Live Help were over helpful, always popping up on the side every now again, but here is the complete opposite. You start talking to them and then they just ignore you, probably because they know they are just going to feed you a pile of rubbish anyway. Trying to get any truthful information out of them is like getting blood out of a stone. And the only topic that will get their hearts racing and indulge in conversation with you is if you express an interest in depositing.

    Mention deposit and they are all ears. If a casino hasn’t got time to talk to me as a customer who has yet to deposit then that casino is not worth my money. I would rather throw it down a drain if I am honest.The Live Help here is one of the worst I have experienced for a long time, and please don’t dare to ask things about their terms and conditions, or as to why they take so long to reply because all you will get back is rudeness and abuse.This casino is out for one thing – your money. If you ever expect to receive money back from them, or to even have a happy experience here then you are sadly mistaken. I have very harsh words I could share about this casino, but I won’t. In fact I don’t think I have any more to say on this casino without breaking into a flown blown rant! And yes I haven’t even started ranting yet if your wondering lol!

  7. Top Game platform is not the type of platform I had any previous contact with so Black Diamond Casino had to be on top of the line for me to consider coming back and reviewing some of their other casinos.I have to say, the developers did a really nice job designing the web page, and I wasn’t disappointed on the u0022eliteu0022 look the site gave away.I had to go through live chat procedures to get my bonuses, but the good thing is they don’t just randomly give away bonuses to newly registered players, thus decreasing chance of fraud and false withdrawals. /The customer support was a tad slow, but the same situation is in most casinos. /Only top of the line casinos offer instant replies and a welcoming chat support.I do however, suggest they get additional deposit methods, you know, to try and increase their fan base a bit. This is just a bit of advice though, and what I thought was lacking.Instead of rushing off to slots as I usually do with free spins, I was designed to blow my money away on Poker, and sure enough as I was, exactly that happened.I had a lot of fun trying out this casino, and I have to say it’s very nice, although the 7/10 rating, as per usual seems a bit high for me.I have to issue a warning though, as I’ve heard comments off people having issues withdrawing their money and were overall badly treated.I did not have such an experience though, and as per usual I managed to waste my money rather than racking it up and withdrawing.As far as the site is concerned the looks are amazing, games selection is average at best, customer support was bit slow (but managable) and I did not withdraw anything, so for their service , they get 5/10. Nothing grand, fun to play, but with certain legal issues arising in some comments, I’d definitely recommend giving this casino full research before giving it a go!Cheers!

  8. Black Diamond casino is relatively new casino, established in the middle of 2009, compared to its brothers and sisters of the TopGame powered casinos family, most of which are already veterans in the gambling business. /I like the style of their website and in my opinion it suits perfect to their name, and that’s something, you won’t meet very often among the casino websites for sure. And when speaking about the Black Diamond casino’s website I wish they were not so laconic while building the FAQ section – most of the questions were answered in only one sentence or with a couple of words, and that is definitely not enough, at least in my opinion!Their support was good, although it was not available 24 hours a day, but since the e-mail support was answering in a timely manner, or at least in a couple of hours, I was pleased with the customer support as a whole. Maybe there is something to be desired from the staff, regarding the respect to players, but after a few harsh words, everything comes into place!For my regret, players from Bulgaria were banned from the sweet no deposit bonus, and that’s why I started to look for their welcome bonus offers. But only a few minutes later, while reaching the final part of the bonus terms and conditions, the idea of using them evaporated from my head with the speed of light! I’ve already talked too much in many of my previous reviews about the so called u201dstickyu201d, or u201cnot cashableu201d bonuses, and since Black Diamond bonuses were from that type and I always try to avoid them, the only funds I was relying on, were my own deposits.

    Sometimes, playing only with your own money is not such a bad idea, because you free of all kind of wagering terms and conditions and so on, you can close the door and leave or withdraw whenever you wish to and I was almost on my way to believe, that my decision not to use their sticky bonuses was not actually such a bad idea, since my balance was increasing constantly. For less than a week I made it almost $300 with only a few deposits, worth 75. But than my luck changed (or maybe he was so tired and decided to rest a little:)) and one of my favourite Top Game slots u2013 Diablo (I’m a sick fan of the Diablo games) just eat me aliveu2026:(So, to summarize I will use some simple rating scores: /Support: 5/10 /Software: 6/10 /Security: 8/10 /Finance: 5/10 /Bonuses: 2/10 /Termsu0026amp;Conditions: 3/10Overall: Good online casino! Well that is it from me now:). Thanks to for giving me the opportunity to share my story! And always remember: u201cYou can not break the casino bank, but it is worth trying!

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